/ How to persuade my mother not to go to school? Advice

How to persuade my mother not to go to school? Advice

Thought "I do not want to go to school" at least once in my lifevisited every pupil. After all, there are days when there is no desire to see classmates, there is a serious test work, which is not ready for. In this article we will look at different ways how to persuade my mother not to go to school.

Talking with parents heart to heart

First ask them about whether you canto act. Just pick the right time. Also, before talking, pay attention to their mood. If parents are not in the spirit, then do not start a conversation.

how to skip school

Also prepare yourself for what you can be given a "no" answer. In this case, do not fall into hysterics, burst out and be rude. It still does not help you stay at home.

Offer a compromise to your parents. For example, if you stay at home, then perform all the duties of the mother (for example, wash floors or dishes).


How not to go to school? The easiest way to pretend to be sick. But this act is worth preparing, so that parents do not suspect anything. You can tell my mother that it seems to you that you are ill. Then draw suitable symptoms - a runny nose, a cough. Do not overdo it, otherwise parents will understand everything. Say that you are experiencing pain in a particular part of the body. For example, you have a headache. Try to fall asleep quickly.

Heat. How to raise it?

How to persuade my mother not to go to school? You can pretend that you have a high fever. For greater realism, you can put a bottle of hot water to your forehead.

how to persuade my mother not to go to school

On the thermometer, you had the necessarytemperature, lower its hot liquid. So you quickly achieve the desired. Do not raise the temperature more than 38 degrees. Otherwise, parents can call an ambulance and send you to the hospital. Do not heat the thermometer in the microwave oven in any way. So you just spoil it.

We make the patient look. How to achieve your goal?

How to skip school? You can make a sick look. This will require a little make-up and skills. With the help of such tools, you will be able to give the patient a pale look to the face. Using a little red lipstick, you will make a slightly reddish nose. In this case, remember that the color of lipstick should be matte, no mother-of-pearl and sparkles.

how not to go to school

Also, do not overdo it with the base, giving a pale look to the face.

I have a stomachache. How to portray such a disease?

How to persuade my mother not to go to school? Pretend that you have a stomach ache. To do this you will need to tell about what happened to your mother. In addition, it is worth spending some time in the toilet. Probably, that mum and itself will ask a question on your state of health. Do not moan too much, so she does not recognize your game.

You can lightly wet your skin and hair. Parents should see that you are hot, that you have a cold sweat on your face. For a better effect, you can press a little. Such physical exercises will lead to a sweat on the forehead.

You can say that your head is spinning, you are sick. Do not do sharp movements. Try to sit more, walk slowly.

Do not induce vomiting, say that it makes you sick. Try not to eat or eat quite a bit.

Headache. How to depict like?

How to persuade my mother not to go to school? Tell me that you have a headache. Rub your whiskey. Often roll your eyes. Grab your head around your head and lie on the sofa. If the parents ask what's wrong with you, indicate where it hurts you. Point to the frontal or occipital part.

When a person experiences pain, he often reacts to a bright light. Tell your parents about it. However, take care that you do not overdo it, or adults will quickly grasp your game.

I do not want to go to school

Pretend that you do not want to do anything. Just go to bed and do not get up. In your room, where you relax, there should be no loud noises. So do not watch TV, do not listen to music.

Tips for those who do not want to go to school

Behave consistently when you pretend to be sick. If you started talking about the fact that you, for example, have a stomach ache, do not be confused, remember the uncomfortable sensations in your head.

Remember that if you wish, parents can give youmedication or to refer to a doctor. If your mom says you need to see a doctor, try to prove otherwise. After all, he will prescribe medication. And this is an additional waste, and in vain.

Edit Warnings

1. Keep a measure in your stories, so as not to be in the doctor's office.

2. Do not negatively impact your health. That is, do not use any substances, do not apply anything dangerous to the skin.

3. If you miss one day at school, absenteeism will not solve your problems. If you have a half-word with your classmates, then they should be solved with a teacher or a psychologist. Do not you remember the material or do you have problems with some subject? Then you should hire a tutor, and not just miss the days of training.

A small conclusion

Now you know how to skip school. As you can see, there are a lot of ways. But it's better to try not to skip school. After all, knowledge is needed and important. In the future, you will surely understand this. As the saying goes, training - shine, a ignorance is darkness!</ span </ p>

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