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Industrial practice - the first step to the thesis work

Education in the university involves knowledge andaccumulation of information necessary for a future economist to apply at the first place of work. To consolidate and apply the acquired knowledge, each student, as a rule, by the end of the training in the last year is an industrial practice.

The production practice allows and commitsstudent accumulate knowledge for a specific economic production situation by solving the tasks set by the manager. Also during the entire period of the production practice, the student acquires new skills and experience.

All received information and acquired knowledgeafter passing the practice should be reflected in such a document as a report on the production practice of the economist. Like every document, it has a certain structure.

The first sheet of the report is the title page,which must be the signature of the head. Then follows the table of contents, where sections with page numbers are specified. Next, you need to write an introduction, where, as a rule, it is told how important it is to pass such a stage of training as an industrial practice, about what goals are pursued during the practice, what tasks are being solved.

report on the production practice of the economist

After the above, the main part followsreport. Description of the main activities, competitors, analysis of economic activities should contain a report on production practices. Management as a science of management also presupposes the availability in this section of information about the structure and scheme of enterprise management, the description of the duties of managers, middle managers. For the sake of clarity of the information provided, it is necessary to use graphs, tables, diagrams, diagrams, figures. If you have large tables or diagrams, you need to move them to the application.

Well-practiced production practicealso allows you to provide information in this section on the effective implementation of management activities at the enterprise, on the ongoing policy to reduce costs and improve the basic technical and economic performance of the enterprise, the methods used to standardize, the effectiveness of the information system used, the reliability and completeness of accounting.

report on production practice management

Also this section of practice is devoted to the fulfillment of the individual task received by each student. Such information can serve as a basis for future thesis work.

After the above section,in which it is necessary to state the results of the practice, the results of measures to improve the activities of the enterprise, the results of the individual task.

Of course, the production practice involves the use of special literature, the list of which is attached after the conclusion.

If necessary, after the list of literature you can put the applications.

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