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Characteristics of the student: writing techniques

The writing of characteristics requires managerssome skills. The main thing in this document is the correct design and precise indication of business, psychological, professional qualities. Perhaps, these recommendations will simplify the process of drafting an official document.

student profile

Characteristic on the student, as well as on anyanother person, begins with the information about the organization. Usually it is enough to have a corner stamp with the address, name, contact details of the organization, outgoing number.

After that comes a title containing information aboutbiographical information of the student or trainee. For example: "Characteristics for a student 1 course SFedU Ivanov Vikenty Gavrilovich, 1988 year of birth." Here you can specify additional data: the department, and if it is a student trainee, the exact location of the practice.

The next block identifies the training andprofessional qualities of the student: responsibility and diligence, perseverance and level of knowledge, the ability to learn independently, the difficulties that cause certain aspects of learning. If this is a characteristic of a student at a military registration and enlistment office or a university, you can specify how he copes with his studies at all, what subjects cause difficulties, and to which students are of particular interest.

characteristics of the student in the military registration and enlistment office

Here it is important to indicate the attitude towards work, study,physical training. If a young man has an additional specialty, then in the characteristic, you can specify it. If the characteristics of the student are written from the place where he passed the practice, then it is recommended to specify precisely all the activities that he has mastered.

Further it is recommended to characterize the level andthe quality of knowledge gained during practice or study. Characteristics of the student can also contain elements of his psychological portrait: temperament, propensity for certain activities, mindset, ability to concentrate, public activities, etc. Here it is possible to note, what motivation for the student is most expedient.

Personal qualities that contain a characteristicon the student, should not be sharply negative. For example, phrases can be constructed this way: "can not long engage in monotonous work, but has organizational abilities."

Further, the characterization of the student should contain a block informing him of how he builds relationships with others: students, senior in age and positions, etc.

If the characteristics of the student from the place of study is compiled for the military registration and enlistment office, you can indicate the level of physical training, the kinds of sports that he was engaged in during training.

characteristics of a student from a place of study

The final stage is conclusions. The teacher has the right (if it is a question of a military registration and enlistment office or practice) to specify, what kind of activity for the student is optimal from his point of view.

In addition, the last paragraph should indicate where and for whom the characteristics of the student are given.

When composing this document, remember that it can only be handed out personally to the person and to the receipt, necessarily assuring the manager's signature and round seal before that.

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