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Organizational and economic characteristics of the enterprise and its composition

Organizational and economic characteristicsthe enterprise is actual at performance of degree work, and in case of an estimation of activity. But you need to know how to make it right. It is usually necessary to describe the company or enterprise where the practice took place. But any organizational-economic characteristic has common points that are applicable to any organization. We present the plan for its compilation.

To draw up a characteristic, you need information about the structure of the company, its economic indicators and legal data.

Initially, a brief description is neededenterprise, that is, the time of its foundation, legal form, etc. The organizational and legal form can be state, private, municipal, mixed, family and so on.

The next stage is the analysis of the activity of the enterprise or several of its directions, which are fundamental for its existence.

Then they describe the goals of the company and itspower. In this case, all circumstances (external factors, product type and its features or the nature of the services provided) are taken into account. This item, which includes the organizational and economic characteristics of the enterprise, requires a lot of work and a complex analysis of economic activities.

Depending on the requirements, this paragraph may besomewhat different for a particular job or organization. The economic characteristics of the enterprise contain the main performance indicators, financial results, etc.

The characteristic can consist of analysis anddescription of not only the main production, but also its subsidiaries of subsystems and other units related to it. Especially it concerns modern large enterprises. These are numerous departments dealing with management, analytical work, information gathering, distribution of finances and materials, production activities and other types of work. All this is a complex organizational structure.

Sometimes the organizational and economicthe characteristics of the enterprise are drawn up for the analysis of its activities and the identification of problem areas. The coordinated work of all departments depends on the work of any organization. It must correspond to its purposes and production conditions.

Characterizing the organizational structureenterprise, you can draw up its scheme. It describes the functions and responsibilities of each individual unit and link. Then follows the evaluation of the performance of each of them by calculating the corresponding indicators. When drawing up a characteristic, it is necessary to consider the availability of labor resources. Their level of training and qualification is also assessed. One important indicator is staff turnover and its causes. In conclusion, an assessment of the effectiveness of human resource management is given.

Typically, staff are divided into service personnel, employees, workers, professionals and managers. The structure of the labor force depends largely on the ratio of these categories.

The organizational and economic characteristics of the enterprise must contain a description of the strategy for further development, as well as its adaptability to the current market conditions.

It is necessary to give an assessment of the state of the enterprise, its viability or level of development.

The final part of the characteristic containsanalysis of the economic activity of the enterprise, based on the main indicators. The main criteria include prime cost or current costs, gross profit, net profit, economic effect and some others. Thus, it is possible to give a full assessment of the activities of the enterprise and make it a complete organizational and economic characteristic.

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