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Control is a function performed byorganized systems of any nature and aimed at ensuring the preservation, maintenance of the working regime and the implementation of program objectives that are part of these systems of structures. People, processes or phenomena can act as objects of managerial activity. A subject can be either a collective formation or a person.

Activities aimed at organizing,regulation of various and numerous social processes, is called social management. As the driving force in this case is the power. With the help of this tool, the formation of the society, the regulation of relationships within its structure is carried out.

Today, the social form of exercising power is represented by three varieties.

The first is public administration. This activity is distributed within the framework of various associations that are formed in accordance with the principles of self-government, subject to statutes. Local legal regulation is complemented by administrative and legal regulation. The latter is strictly defined by law and is associated with the registration of associations, as well as with the control over their work.

Enforce (enforce) laws and othernormative and legal acts is the main direction of the executive and administrative activity, which is government regulation.

Municipal management is the implementation ofplaces of public authority, as close as possible to the population. At the same time, protection of interests related to the people's residence in one particular territory is ensured.

Public administration is a processregulation of affairs of the country, carried out by the bodies available in it with the use of all branches of government (judicial, executive and legislative). This definition reveals the concept in a broad sense. In the narrow, public administration is the activity of a certain group of bodies (officials, subjects), characterized as organizing, legally authoritative and subordinate. At the same time, it is a practical fulfillment of the functions and tasks of the country in the course of managing the socio-cultural, administrative, political and economic spheres.

Public administration is a concrete andindependent type of activity. It has its own specifics (both competent and functional), which distinguishes it from other forms of exercising power.

Public administration is such a kindactivities that cover all aspects of public life that are important in the development of the country. In other words, society as a whole acts as the object of this form of realization of power.

In accordance with the targets andprinciples that the state chooses for the implementation of facilities, a functional system is formed, means, methods, forms through which state management is implemented are determined. Instruments can undergo various changes and acquire special outlines. To a large extent, this depends on the historical stage of development on which the country is located and what is the regime that determines the nature of the government that is being implemented.

Speaking about public administration, it should beto touch and such concept, as branch of state management. This definition characterizes a separate area of ​​social relations, which are united by the object of regulation. So, for example, there is a sphere of transport, industry, construction, forestry, healthcare and others.

Interindustry public administration is a kind of regulation that is carried out by the bodies of power, vested with subordinate powers.

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