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Abstract Plan: structure and features of writing

Abstract - one of the types of scientific work, writingwhich is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements established both by the educational institution, and generally accepted norms. According to the methodical recommendations, the number of useful pages of the abstract can not be less than 10-15. This category of scientific work has its own structure of writing, so, in addition to the main part, divided into chapters, sometimes sub-chapters, it should include an introduction and a conclusion. In the introduction, the scientific substantiation and actualization of the topic discussed in the abstract is made, the conclusion presupposes general conclusions. All parts of the essay should be taken into account in the plan.

The plan for writing the essay
It is necessary to clarify that the abstract planis placed before the text, therefore, according to the peculiarities of psychological perception, it creates a first impression of the work as a whole. Sometimes it is enough to get acquainted with it to give the author a certain assessment of the level of competence, and work - the level of illumination of the topic.

Begin to write essays already in high school. It is here that the foundations of proper work with sources are laid, the emphasis of the main idea and the sequence of the presentation of the material. In time the mastered skill greatly facilitates the preparation for practical seminars in universities. Correctly drawn up plan for writing an abstract indicates how deeply the topic is studied and how well it can be stated. In the presentation, the main focus is on the logical line that determines the course of events.

A good plan is the key to successful work. There are some rules for writing an abstract plan.

Plan of the abstract

For a quality work done, it is recommended to make two plans: draft and final - both before the work is written.

Why do I need a draft plan? To write scientific work, even a small one, which is an abstract, it is necessary to study several sources on the basis of which to highlight the main idea and reasonably present it in the work. In the period of research work with sources, a draft version of the plan is drawn up, which determines the sequence and depth of the presentation. This plan for writing an essay is the basis for writing a final version. It can be modified and modified, new items added.

Getting to work on the abstract plan, you need to carefully study the preliminary drafts, delete the excess, or add the missing. The main goal is to fully open the topic.

Abstract of the abstract
The abstract should have a clear structure. Be not too confusing and point to the logical sequence of the presentation. The structure and complexity of the plan depends on the size of the work, if the main text is located on 10-15 pages, there is no sense in preparing a plan with many paragraphs and subparagraphs.

Separately, we should pay attention to sub-items and points. Items should have a great name and meaning. Sub-points - focus on the main idea of ​​this part of the essay.

Do not neglect the design. Correctly designed abstract plan gives an additional score when assessing the technical component of the work. There is a generally accepted structure of abstract work and a plan for it, which with small additions is used by all educational institutions.

The abstract outlines the structure of the scientific work,which necessarily consists of three main sections. The first number is the entry. Further - the main part, the items of which are numbered in Roman numerals, and the subparagraphs - Arabic or letters. The last section of the essay is a conclusion. In the plan after the conclusion there should be a list of the used literature and sources, application if such is available. Each item is allocated graphically, on the contrary the page number is located where the presentation of this material begins.

The abstract is a serious scientific work, indicating not only the author's competence, but also his ability to effective practical actions.

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