/ How to write an abstract for a scientific paper?

How to write an abstract for a scientific paper?

After conducting a scientific study and writing a paper,whether it's a regular course, a diploma project, a master's or master's thesis, the researcher faces the need to prepare a brief description of the whole process in the form of an abstract to the scientific work.

After you summed up the scientificresearch, the question arises as to how to write a paper for work. This structural component of research is almost always required in the protection of scientific work. The abstract to the diploma or master's thesis serves as a simplified version of all that is discussed in the draft. The abstract to the term paper performs the same function, although it may not be as meaningful.

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Before you write an essay, it is clearunderstand that this is a short summary of the content of your scientific project. He is represented in writing as one of the structural elements of the whole work. And on the protection of the information contained in the abstract are voiced in the form of a public report.

Thus, members of the council or commission onprotection is given the opportunity to quickly get acquainted with the scientific work, without difficulty to get into the essence of the investigated aspect. Description of technical characteristics allows you to clearly assess the amount of work done, its theoretical and practical contribution to the world of science.

Having a clear idea of ​​how to write an essay, you will be able to cope with this task in a very short period of time, without resorting to anyone's help.

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So, a short summary of the essence of all work in the abstract form should consist of the following elements:

  • themes (word for word is fixed word for word);
  • data on the amount of work (the quantitypages of the main text; number of illustrations and tables (how many presentation materials are offered in the work - this allows you to immediately assess the visibility of the results); number of used bibliographic sources (this allows you to quickly assess the degree of processing of theoretical material and the alleged level of mastery of the problem by the author));
  • list of keywords. Depending on the type of work, the number of keywords varies. For coursework, you can submit about 10 keywords and phrases, for a thesis project or a master's thesis, as many as possible;
  • text part of the abstract. In this part, you need to reflect the relevance, clear purpose, novelty (if it is present in the work). It is worth noting that, for example, the description and argumentation of the degree of relevance in the work itself can occupy the order of a page or more, in the abstract there must be only a fragmentary presentation of the most basic phrases urging urgency.
    The main part can sometimes contain a very short, fulfilling
    abstract to diploma
    exclusively informative function, the description of sections, if it is in the requirements of a particular university.
  • conclusions and proposals for their use, as well as the perspective of the development of the scientific direction.

Coming to a brief exposition of the scientific project,it is recommended to clarify with your standard controller all the requirements for how to write an essay. Because the use of fonts for headings, keywords, and intervals, etc., may be distinctive in the requirements.

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