/ / Talent of love in the works of Bunin and Kuprin. The theme of love in the prose of Ivan Bunin and Alexander Kuprin

The talent of love in the works of Bunin and Kuprin. The theme of love in the prose of Ivan Bunin and Alexander Kuprin

Fiction - figurative reflectionreality, capable primarily of affecting the senses. A special gift of revealing the human soul with all its aspirations and passions was possessed by such Russian writers of the 20th century as Ivan Bunin and Alexander Kuprin. Their books are sincere and lyrical. Heroes are simple and natural. But from other masters of the artistic word of these authors is distinguished by the extraordinary talent of love. In Bunin and Kuprin's works on the fundamental human feeling, perhaps, more than in all the world literature of the last century is said.

the talent of love in the works of bunin and kuprin

The main topic in the literature

Love is an exalted feeling that was dedicated totheir works are ancient authors, poets of the Renaissance, playwrights of the 18th and 19th centuries. Modern writers also do not stand aside and pay tribute in their works to the eternal theme. However, what can they say after the great Russian classics? After all, some of them had a truly valuable and unique talent for love.

In the works of Bunin and Kuprin this feelingOther. It, like in life, can be passionate, blind, calculating, undivided, selfless. But it's always fine. Love is an integral part of reality that can not be understood and appreciated. It can only be felt. And only an unusual artistic gift allows you to convey to the reader the emotions experienced by a loving person. This requires a special talent. Talent of love ...

In the works of Bunin and Kuprin heroes suffer,part, perish from overwhelming feelings. As a rule, the stories do not have a twisted plot, and the composition of them is extremely simple. Often in the denouement - a sudden turn in the fate of the hero. But with close examination it becomes clear that the changes in the life of the character are predetermined by the feeling that he lived for a long time. And no matter how sad his fate was, she is beautiful and spiritual. After all, it is driven by a mighty power - the talent of love.

In the works of Bunin and Kuprin there is a general idea, that love is the most valuable gift sent from above.

 the talent of love in the works of kuprin

"Dark alleys"

During the Second World War Ivan Bunin wroteone of the best books about love in the history of Russian literature. Thirty-eight short stories, representing a palette of various shades, which possesses a great feeling of Love, the writer compared with the "Decameron", created during the plague. After all, the talent of love in Bunin's works is especially bright in the collection "Dark alleys", written in the most tragic period in the history of the 20th century.

Love and death

Talking about high feeling is simple and without embellishmentnot every author can. For this, sharpened artistic skill and a special talent for love are necessary. In the works of Kuprin, as in Bunin's famous lyrical collection, passion is represented simply and clearly. In them there is no excessive pomposity and extraneous images. And because of this, the connection between love and death is portrayed with particular intensity.

the talent of love in the works of bunin

Love and betrayal

Ivan Bunin knew how to use stylistic meansto convey the character of the hero and his feelings in the last moments of life. Briefly and succinctly, he narrates about the death of the hero in the story "The Caucasus". The main idea of ​​the work is that it does not kill love, but lies. Deadly power is treason, which, unfortunately, so often is a companion of human passions.

Particular attention in literary criticism is givensuch a theme as "The Talent of Love in the Works of Kuprin". "Garnet bracelet" is the pearl of Russian lyrical prose. In the story, the author uses various artistic images that give the reader an idea of ​​the life of the characters. He does not have to explain extensively, why the feelings of Princess Vera were so deep after the death of her admirer, whom she never saw alive. The reason is not in ordinary female compassion. And the fact that love is not given to everyone, and not everyone can see a true selfless feeling even at a distance.

The heroine of the story "Garnet Bracelet" wasthe opportunity to love and be loved. She could give herself to the feeling that every woman on Earth dreams of. But the trouble is that social prejudices and habitual way of life are stronger. A quiet but bleak existence seems more important to a person than true love. And delusion is often dispelled too late.

talent of love in the works of kuprin garnet bracelet

Pure and sublime feeling

Love is not always a crazy passion. Sometimes it resembles a spring sunny day, when nature awakens, and the heart is filled with sweet alarm. And it seems, it will always be so. Such emotions are experienced by the hero of the story "Olesya". A poor girl from a remote village has a bad name for a sorceress, but at the same time, determination, strength and, above all, an invaluable talent for love. In the works of Kuprin, the theme of this feeling is given special significance, but in Oles, one of the first major creations, he transmitted an extremely vivid clash of two worlds - sensual and social.

The talent of love in the works of Bunin and Kuprinis depicted as an eternal, immutable force that lives, even in spite of the briefness and fleetingness of sympathy, passion, affection, and other, more earthly human feelings.

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