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Abstract is an integral part of the work

Many of us during our studies at the school and the institutehad to write an annotation or a review for a work, course, diploma work. But did we do it right? From this article you will learn what the meaning of the word "annotation" is and how you should write it.

abstract is

Abstract is a brief description of the contentbooks or articles. From it we can find out what is said in this source. It enables the reader to decide for himself whether he should read this book further or not.

Abstract - this is formulated in severalsentences the content of the work. It characterizes the main theme or problem of the book. In translation from the Latin language "annotation" is a note, note. It indicates that the new book contains in comparison with other sources.

The abstract is a characteristic of a printed publication,which can give the reader information about its content and purpose, written in brief form. The author decides what information she will contain independently. But first you need to determine the specifics of this text. If this is an abstract for the cover of the book, it will be a short narrative of the story and contain information about the author, his titles and awards. If this is an abstract for advertising a book, then its text should be of interest to the buyer, so he wanted to buy it.

The meaning of the word abstract
In the annotation there should be no retelling of the plot,otherwise, after studying it, the reader will become uninterested in reading the book completely. Preparing to write it, try to answer the following questions: "What is this book about?", "What purpose did the author put in writing?", "For whom is it written?"

The volume of detailed annotation is from 600 to 700 characters. It includes:

- The topic of the article or book (for example, "The article talks about the nutrition of athletes ...");

- description of the goal set by the author ("Recommendations are given for proper nutrition ...");

- The addressee ("The article is focused on the male audience ...");

- Dignity of registration ("... with beautiful pictures ...");

- volume ("... small ...");

- advice to readers ("If you follow the recommendations outlined in this book, then ...");

- information about the author ("... interesting, beloved ...");

- advertising ("... the work makes you rethink ...").

Annotation for a work
A brief abstract characterizes the work from the point of view of its main theme. Its volume should not exceed 240 characters.

Abstract for the course work is 1000-1500 characters and includes:

- name;

- Information about the author-compiler with the indication of the faculty, course, specialization and project manager;

- text ("The following methods are considered in the course work ...", "The focus is on ...")

Annotation to a work (example):

"This manual examines the problem of interpretationnorms, which are contained in the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Features of the legal method of their interpretation and methods of legal analysis are analyzed. As a result of the research, the author proposes to allocate a special-legal method of interpretation and give its definition. "

I hope that this article will help the reader understand the concept of "annotation" and, if necessary, write it without problems. Good luck!

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