/ / A military ship with missiles on board is the strength of the country

A military ship with missiles on board is the strength of the country

Despite the fact that a single international systemthe classification of ships does not exist, in modern military affairs it is customary to single out ships that are equipped with a variety of missiles in a separate class. A warship with missiles on board is a missile cruiser. There may be weapons designed to attack other ships, and rockets to strike ground and air targets. Strategic missile systems deserve special mention.

A warship with missiles on board is

Classification of Russian warships

In the classification system adopted in Russia, a warship with missiles on board is:

  • heavy atomic missile cruiser;
  • heavy missile cruiser;
  • heavy atomic missile submarine cruiser;
  • nuclear missile submarine cruiser;
  • nuclear missile submarine cruiser of strategic designation;
  • a large nuclear submarine;
  • large antisubmarine ship.

Apart from this, there is a wholesubclass of small missile ships that appeared in the Soviet Union for the defense of coastal areas. Such ships occupy an intermediate position between missile boats and rocket ships of large displacement. This kind of missile ships did not receive, however, a wide distribution, since the small seaworthiness does not allow them to significantly distance from the coast, which significantly limits their use. In the Soviet Union, such ships were built, including, and on an air cushion.

warship with missiles on board

"Peter the Great": the only one of its kind

Each of these ships is aa technically complex combat system. For example, on a heavy missile cruiser, in addition to missiles, two more helicopters are also present to repel air attacks. Such a ship can hit targets both on land, sea, and in the air. He also has systems for hitting submarines. Electronic equipment allows you to track simultaneously several targets located in different environments, and effectively hit them. In the Russian fleet, there is only one such military ship with missiles on board.

What is the name of such a cruiser? "Peter the Great". This is the largest ship, based in the Arctic. The largest among all Russian military vessels and one of the most powerful in the world. Armed with him can only be compared to the largest American cruisers.

More than a thousand sailors carry it, amongwhich 105 officers. Stocks of food and water on board allow you to stand alone in the sea for up to two months. And the power plant provides a three-year voyage without refueling.

Invisible power of "Dmitry Donskoy"

A submarine warship with missiles on board is, first and foremost, an atomic cruiser equipped with strategic long-range missiles.

The longest and heaviest submarine in the worldwas launched in 1980, but its name "Dmitry Donskoy" was received only in 2002, when it was put into operation after a long modernization.

It is assumed that it is on this ship thatThe Bulava missiles, developed by the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, are considered to be the leading design institution in the field of nuclear deterrence.

A warship with rockets on board is called

Cruiser "Moscow"

A military ship with missiles on board is notonly a means of combating other military courts, but also a way to demonstrate the political and economic power of the state. After all, not every country can afford to design, develop, manufacture and maintain such a colossal structure. All stages of development of a ship of this class require the highest professionalism and technical equipment.

A ship of this class in the Black SeaThe fleet is considered its flagship - a warship with missiles aboard the cruiser "Moscow". Its main purpose is in the fire support of the landing force and the air defense of other ships going with him in the same group.

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