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Sorrel is an accent in the word. How to put it correctly?

Sometimes the words familiar from childhood can suddenly lead to a dead end. For example, sorrel. The stress in the word causes many questions. How correctly to pronounce - schAvel or schAvel?

sorrel in the word

History of the plant

Sorrel is a close relative of buckwheat. It belongs to the family of buckwheat and enters the subfamily Polygonoideae. The Latin name of the plant is Rumex acetosa, or sorrel is acidic.

This is a shrub, reaching a height of aboutmeter. Its name from Latin is translated as "spear". And indeed, the elastic stalk of sorrel, ending with a whisk of small flowers, is similar to this ancient weapon. Yes, and the oblong leaves themselves, too, resemble the shape of a spear.

what is the emphasis in the word sorrel

Already in antiquity we knew about the useful properties of thisplants. The Greeks and Romans used it as a medicine. In food, it was first used in France in the XII century. In the XIV century, during the pandemic of plague in Europe, sorrel was used as a protective remedy for the disease. As for Russia, here it began to be consumed later in the rest of the world. For a long time it was considered an ordinary weed. Now the undoubted benefit of sorrel, as well as its piquant, sour taste led to the fact that it is grown on almost every home plot, cottage or vegetable garden.

origin of name

Sorrel (stress in the word puts in a difficultposition of many people) leads its name from the Old Russian "shavn", which means "sour". Most linguists suggest that the word "sorrel" has a direct relation to the name of the Russian dish "shchi". The exact time of appearance of the name of the plant can not be established. A related word is Polish szczawa (sorrel).

Variable stress

We continue to understand how to correctly putstress in the word "sorrel". The Russian language is one of the most difficult in the world. But this is not an excuse to make mistakes in it. This can be forgivable for a foreigner, but not a native speaker of the native language. So, sorrel. Emphasis in the word many put on the first syllable, and some - on the second. Which option will be correct? Here it is necessary to remember that in Russian the stress is variable. It can stand on any syllable. Sometimes equal variants of stress are allowed.

The statement of stress on different syllables leads toThe fact that a word can have different lexical meanings. For example, if the word Impersonally shifts the stress to another syllable, you get a word with a new lexical meaning - UBS.

Normative and permissible stress

The Russian language develops and changes along withits bearers, and in the XX century there were great changes in it. For example, it was allowed to put an accent in some words on different syllables. It touched upon such words as cottage cheese, a contract, a shell and some others.

How to find the right stress in the word "sorrel"

Modern Russian assumes that the stressin some words you can put on different syllables. However, in order to be recognized as a cultured and educated person, it is necessary to remember which stress in the word "sorrel" is considered correct (normative). Most often in colloquial speech, the emphasis in this word is placed on the first syllable. So it seems more familiar, more correct and more convenient. But if you turn to any dictionary of the Russian language, then the answer will be unambiguous - this can not be done. If we consider the name "sorrel", the stress in the word is allowed only on the second syllable. All other options will be considered erroneous.

Let us turn to the orthoepic dictionaries, whichwill always help if there are doubts about the correctness of the statement of stress in the word. They show, like the explanatory and spelling dictionaries, that the correct stress in the word "sorrel" is on the second syllable.

When the end is changed, the stress will also be on the second syllable: schalveel, schalveYu.

In order to be easier to remember the right oneoption, many funny expressions were invented. With them, it is very convenient and quick to help you learn the correct pronunciation of the word. For example, it is easy to remember this phrase: "They cut down the spruce, they tore off the sorrel".

to put an accent on the word sorrel

The variant of colloquial use of the word is veryis widespread, and for a long time no one considers the wrong pronunciation of the word "sorrel" as a blunder. But at a meeting with a person who is versed in this matter, his interlocutor runs the risk of being illiterate and spoiling his reputation. Incorrect use of stress is simply unacceptable for educators and educators.

A little bit about the benefits of sorrel

Modern phytotherapy uses sorrel asantiscorbutic and choleretic. It is also used to normalize liver function and digestion. The sorrel helps with rheumatism, skin rashes and cystitis. And as a source of valuable microelements and vitamins (especially C), this remarkable plant is unrivaled.

correct accent in the word sorrel

However, it should be remembered that it is contraindicated in many diseases. Frequent consumption of sorrel in food can lead to the formation of kidney stones due to the oxalic acid contained in the plant.

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