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Time as a source of trouble: Moscow-Washington time difference

People are accustomed to live a well-designed schedule, to compare minutes on wristwatches. What should I do if the usual course of things is disrupted?

moscow washington time difference

Time and life

For relatives separated by the oceans,it is difficult to maintain communication. The only solution is the development of sleep and wakefulness. For example, Moscow - Washington - the difference in time is as long as 8 hours!

time difference between Moscow and Washington

Why so?

Many may ask whythe fourth quantity is so changeable. For the convenience of counting, a new standard was introduced - UTC. Thanks to this, the relations between Kiev and Hanoi, Moscow-Washington were established. The time difference was another headache for representatives of transcontinental corporations.

Time and business

Recall that the time difference between Moscow andWashington "settled" on the 8-hour mark, according to the worldwide UTC. Such conditions hinder cooperation between world companies. The development of a common working day is also impossible, because when in the US capital the employees are just preparing for the challenges of the new day, their Russian colleagues are resting and getting ready for bed. In this situation only careful planning will give a positive result.

moscow washington time difference

What do you need to know about long flights?

A long journey tires, not to mentionimportance of acclimatization. Check the exact time of arrival is possible on tickets Moscow - Washington. The time difference is receding into the background. A few tips to go into rhythm with an ephemeral magnitude:

  1. Set the second clock on your smartphone. This will allow you to navigate in space, plan calls to relatives and partners.
  2. A business trip requires concentration of attention and concentration, it is important to hold a meeting in the first 24-36 hours to rest and sleep.

time difference between Moscow and Washington

Significantly affects the conduct of businessMoscow - Washington time difference. This must be treated with awareness of the immutability of what is happening. If everything remains the same, adjust and live on.

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