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The Art of Ancient China

The history of Ancient China is 5000 years old. The formation of the culture of the Middle Kingdom began during the Qin Dynasty, which lasted only a short time, and continued during the Han Dynasty. At the turn of the millennium, China developed quite intensively, and then the art of Ancient China appeared.

the art of ancient China
First of all, the traditional Chinesepainting is a subtle art, to a considerable extent philosophical, furnished with a whole series of ritual conventions. The first and mandatory rule when writing a picture - the story must contain a story. In accordance with the second rule, the painting wrote in verse form an utterance, revealing the meaning of the plot. It was necessary to write in a calligraphic style. As we see, the art of ancient China already demanded sacrifices.

In addition, the artist was obliged for eachpictures in advance to produce a seal with his name, which he "signed" the finished work. The technique of drawing was also strictly defined. There were two methods for writing paintings: "guni" and "sei". In the manner of "gongbi", paintings were written in which clearly drawn lines, general contour drawing and detailing of objects were required. And the style of "sei" presupposed a blurriness of outlines, approximations and conventionality. Artists used in their work mascara, watercolor paints, silk fabrics, rice and bamboo paper. Painting, as the fine art of Ancient China, was the most difficult process of that time.

fine art of ancient china
Simultaneously with the emergence of traditional Chinesepainting, the art of ceramics developed. The production of clay products was not particularly refined, pots and jugs were made by the method of hand modeling or on a primitive potter's wheel, but ceramic products in the style of high art were decorated. Bright, colorful drawings were embossed on the surface of a vase or a jug, geometrically correct patterns and ornaments rhythmically repeated, creating whole compositions. After a certain period of time, the art of ceramics gradually passed into the famous Chinese porcelain, which is highly valued today.

The Chinese Han dynasty is also interestingart of bronze casting. The technology was complex, but the finished vessel or vase impressed with the perfection of the pattern. Ancient Chinese masters managed to convey the finest images, whole subjects, animals and plants. According to clay forms found during the excavations, it is possible to restore the picture of the appearance of bronze casting, when the art of Ancient China was developed in many directions. A clay copy of the future vessel was made, then a pattern was drawn on the surface. After that, the shape was fired and a different shape was created by the method of reverse imprint, already with a relief pattern. In this form molten bronze was poured, then the shape was broken into small pieces. Thus, the ceramic art of Ancient China is characterized by exclusive products.

ancient art of china
For all the importance of applied art, one can notnot to mention theatrical. This folk art appeared in the 6th century AD. and gained strength until the 10th century, acquiring new forms. The ancient Chinese theater was formed as a complex, multi-stage performance, including pantomime, dance and singing, a clear distinction between the role of actors, unpretentious scenery, which performed only a small additional role in the play. And in general, Chinese theatrical art was a significant part of the culture of ancient China. Certainly, the art of Ancient China, summarized in this article, does not give an idea of ​​the art of the country in full, "behind the scenes" were such kinds as letter on knots, sculpture of clay giants, art of silk fabrics, gunpowder and, finally, Chinese cuisine .

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