/ / "Birch Grove" - ​​an essay on the painting of Isaac Levitan

"Birch Grove" - ​​an essay on the painting of Isaac Levitan

Composition on the painting "Birch Grove" -standard theme for the student. Each such essay must begin with the words about the artist. Description of the picture "Birch Grove" - ​​an essay with details that accurately convey the image.

Domestic master of landscape

Isaak Ilich Levitan - outstanding talentedRussian landscape painter of the late nineteenth century. Among connoisseurs of fine arts, his name is always on hearing. As an artist, he could amazingly accurately convey pictures of nature, from which it is simply impossible to tear off the view. His landscapes many fans of paintings want to see at home in the living room. Such paintings raise the mood, energize, and instill love for Russian nature. It is very interesting to write the composition "Birch Grove" according to the artist's painting. Grade 5 is the right period.

birch grove composition

History of the painting

The picture "Birch Grove" Isaak Levitan wrote infor several years. Today it is in the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Four years passed from the idea to the completion of the painting. Inspired by the artist Moscow suburbs of the estate Kiselevs in "Babkino." But Levitan finished his "grove" already in Plyos, which is on the right bank of the Volga. It turns out that in this place Levitan wrote many of his masterpieces. Pleskaya birch grove was located on the outskirts of the city, not far from it was built a church called Desert, to which adjoined a small cemetery. It was in this place that the artist completed his creation.

composition on the picture of a birch grove

Analysis of the picture

The main object of the picture is the birch. Juicy greens are pleasant to our eyes. Such tones of green calmed the audience. Levitan skillfully combined the dark and light shades of green. The artist painted a sunny day on the canvas. A lot of white and thin-birch birches fill the canvas. Often poets compare their trunk to the camp of a young and slender Russian beauty. It would be nice to find yourself in a place like a birch grove. We continue the work and move on to the sounds. Representing yourself in such a grove, you can hear the chirping of birds, the movement of representatives of the fauna. Having taken a breath of fresh air, you feel how it is filled with the flavors of meadow flowers and herbs. It seems as if a butterfly with velvet wings flew from a flower to a flower. Among such a thick grass loves to grow sweet and sour strawberries.

Art critics appreciated the artist's game with light andshadow, as well as the juiciness and brightness of colors. The shimmer of shades of green, as well as the features of the texture of the canvas, give the impression that it radiates energy of good and optimism. To depict the sunlight, the artist applied the technique inherent in the Impressionists.

In general, birch is one of the main trees of the pagan religion of the Slavs. Perhaps, therefore, the artist so carefully and diligently depicted the national tree of our people.

composition of a birch grove grade 5

Reviews of the picture

The birch grove is attractive. The composition still needs to be supplemented by reviews of connoisseurs of painting. One of the art critics Vladimir Petrov spoke about the picture that it would be interesting to compare it with the popular grove of Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi. Artists perceive the phenomenon of light differently. For the first, the light is a divine phenomenon, majestic and incomprehensible. Levitan also looks at the world easier. In his basis, the psychological module of the average person lies in the relationship to the natural world. Birches on canvas, says Petrov, is the artist's depicted soul. The same cheerful, bright and finely organized. Artist Johanson said that the freshness of the picture helped to give numerous breaks in the artist's work. He called the picture a brilliant, thoughtful and complexly organized composition.

We have finished the description of the picture "Birch Grove". The writing came to an end. "Birch Grove" is not the last amazing picture. Continue to discover the world of painting, and you will not regret it!

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