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Ecological problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory: description and solutions

The pollution of the environment is one of the most importantproblems of mankind. It is on how carefully we treat nature, air, the fate of our planet and humanity depends. Particular concern is the territory where the largest industrial centers are located. In our country, environmental problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory occupy a leading position. This area is very vulnerable due to the enterprises located on it. We will understand what environmental problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory exist at the present time and how they are eliminated.

Ecological condition of the region

This subject of the Russian Federation is the leader inmany indicators. It has the largest area and concentration of minerals, it is responsible for their production on a large scale. Here there are deposits of coal and nickel, graphite and quartz sand, all kinds of ores. The region is also engaged in timber harvesting, because more than half of the territory is occupied by forests.

If we outline environmental problemsKrasnoyarsk Territory, briefly, we can say that the main one is the functioning of harmful industries that pollute the air and discharge waste into the water. This is exacerbated by the fact that these combines (2/3 of them) are located in the most densely populated cities of the region: Krasnoyarsk and Norilsk.

Another problem is deforestation, which are not only natural air purifiers, but also habitats of living organisms. The attention is not paid to the plantations in the cities.

All this made it possible to bring the region into the top three in Russia with the greatest pollution of the environment. Let us examine in detail the environmental problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.


Good clean air is vital for everyone. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the Krasnoyarsk Territory have to dream of this. After all, large industrial enterprises are clogging it with frightening speed. The figure that characterizes emissions into the atmosphere is growing catastrophically. Since 2000, it has almost doubled.

ecological problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Most of this is blamed for metallurgicalenterprises such as the Norilsk Combine, a plant located in Krasnoyarsk. Here, in the immediate vicinity of residential areas, there is an aluminum processing plant. By the way, the largest enterprises have well-established measures to minimize emissions to the environment. In general, small and medium-sized factories "sin" by breaking standards. They do not have the opportunity to attract environmentalists to the staff.

The worst thing is that all these emissions are practically invisible to the townsfolk, whereas half the periodic table is in the air, including harmful ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and others.

The last of these components is a product,which pollutes the air vehicles. Especially its concentration is high in large cities, and it grows every year. This is due to the improvement of the well-being of the population and the increasing freight traffic.


Ecological problems of water bodiesKrasnoyarsk Territory is also very large. There are several thousand lakes with fresh water, and rivers flow through the territory, which are used for the construction of power plants.

Unfortunately, the enterprises operating in thisthe subject, in addition to air, also pollutes the water. It is about the release into it of life-threatening elements, such as lead or zinc. Wastewater from plants and factories is not sufficiently purified, just as sewage wastes are also poorly treated. As a result, the quality of fresh water deteriorates, the cleanliness and uninterrupted supply of which determines the life in the region.

what are the environmental problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In addition to being discardedwaste water, they are also not sufficiently cooled, which leads to the death of the ecosystem of water bodies. So, in 2011, a case was recorded when the enterprise threw water into the Yenisei with a temperature of 40 degrees. This caused a serious damage to the ecosystem: plankton and, as a consequence, fish died on a large site. Krasnoyarsk was the culprit.

Soil and scaffolding

Ecological problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory are connectedand with the state of the soil. They are polluted in two ways: by direct contact with the source (when there is a release of toxic substances), it is also possible to get poisons through the air. After all, they are heavier and able to settle on the ground. Thus, the land cover contains lead, zinc and other heavy metals.

Another problem is bogging and oxidation of soils, and they contain a large amount of salt.

Environmental problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory with land resources are inextricably linked with the state of forests.

ecological problems of water bodies of the Krasnoyarsk Territory
After all, plants and shrubs can not grow on contaminated soil. As a result, forest areas are reduced: coniferous, mosses and lichens suffer first of all.

Other problems

In addition, the environmental problems of KrasnoyarskThe edges are also associated with the storage of 105 million tons of waste industry. Of these, a certain proportion falls on the 1st and 2nd hazard classes (the most poisonous ones). Of these, over 20 million tons are stored in close proximity to residential areas. As a rule, this process is conducted in violation of norms, which can lead to an ecological catastrophe.

It should be said about the most polluted citiesthe edges. First of all, this is Norilsk. This administrative center is the most polluted city in our country, in world statistics it also takes a leading position.

environmental problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in brief
The reason for everything is a combine that extracts andsimultaneously processes metal. The whole city is immersed in smog. The situation is aggravated by the fact that he is in the arctic zone, the meager nature of which is incapable of coping with colossal emissions.

Krasnoyarsk is a bit inferior to Norilsk. There is air pollution (it was especially noticeable on warm days), soils (mainly arsenic) and water (in this the chemical industry enterprises in the immediate vicinity of the city are guilty).

Measures taken

The decision of ecological problems of the Krasnoyarsk Territory largely depends on the residents of the region, their vigilance.

Another way out of such a catastrophic situation is the development of environmentally friendly production facilities that are not accompanied by harmful emissions.

solution of environmental problems in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Particular attention should be paid to forests, the so-called "light" - they are able to purify the air of harmful elements.

Also, regulatory and legal regulation of the environmental situation is being developed.

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