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The best Turkish rifles 12 caliber semi-automatic. Reviews about Turkish guns

It so happened that under the hot hand of the Russianshunters often get Turkish hunting rifles. Reviews about them can be both enthusiastic and very skeptical. And often the products of the Turkish arms industry are being blamed for its inability to do anything that reaches the level of civilized countries. And in vain, because every 4-5th tank of the NATO block is armed with the Turkish Hatsan machine gun (moreover, this concern produces not only machine guns, but also torpedo tubes, rapid-fire guns, etc.), and many companies manufacture equipment under European licenses. So criticizing Turkish 12-gauge guns based on stereotypes and prejudices is not entirely reasonable.

Turkish guns 12 caliber semi-automatic

Gun features

There is no weapons school in Turkey, somost of the goods are manufactured using Italian technology, with the use of appropriate materials and quality standards. Of course, there are own developments, but not all of them use successful technical solutions, and some should be sent to the scrap immediately after the assembly. Why? In Turkey, about 300 companies engaged in the production of guns (almost in every city there is a cooperative), some of which are produced "on your knee," of those materials that happened to be at hand.

Naturally, about any quality and reliability inIn this case, there is no need to speak. Therefore, Turkish smooth-bore rifles are better to choose from "Europeanized" brands, for example Stoeger. Another criterion is the availability of the company's website. If it is not, then, most likely, the product was assembled at home and using the technologies of the XIX century.

Domestic or imported?

The question arises: why buy a pig in a poke, if you can take time-tested domestic analogs, rather than Turkish semi-automatic guns? If we argue from the "price-quality" standpoint and do not touch on the technical features, then "Turks" can act as a substitute for expensive Italian weapons, since on average they are cheaper by 400-500 dollars, without a noticeable drop in quality (Italian license + guarantee for some types guns from the side of "pasta" concerns have their life-giving effect). In addition, the Stoegers and Armsan do not suffer so much from the main shortage of the domestic arms industry - the heavy weight of semi-automatic rifles. Turkish semi-automatic guns are lighter by about 300-400 grams, which is more than noticeable during hunting.

In addition, unlike domestic analogues, Turkish models do not contain traces of adjustment, fitting, etc., which allows them to confidently maintain technological superiority.

Semiautomatic mechanics

While Russian products useonly gas fire automatics, Turkish 12-caliber guns are semi-automatic devices based on the recoil of the weapon and the shut-off of the bolt by the buffer spring. This scheme is worse coping with the impact, but much easier and not so fastidious to the types of gunpowder. And, as is known, the simpler the unit, the more difficult it is to break it. Ammunition will not be a problem either, since the standard Russian cartridges for Turkish weapons are suitable (although there are rumors of craftsmen loading and homemade ammunition, which, of course, is calibrated, but this is a risk, and it must be deliberately taken).

Total, it turns out a sort of import "economy class" for those who are not enough for an American or Italian manufacturer, and the domestic one is already fed up.

Turkish guns 12 caliber double-barrel

Below, consider the most well-known (and available in the vastness of Russia) Turkish smooth-bore rifles.

Stoeger 2000

This model was released in 2001 by the companyStoeger SanayA.S., Owned by a very well-known concern Beretta. Stoeger 2000 was positioned as an inexpensive self-loading rifle for any purpose (from army modifications to, in fact, hunting).

As already mentioned above, the quality of finishing "Turks" inferior to Italian products, but the working part of the gun (parts for which are manufactured in Italy) does not cause the slightest criticism.

Stoeger is a clone of the Benelli M1 Super 90, which means that it adopts its inertial automatics, the mechanism of operation of the spring, and so on.

Another feature of this gun isThe fact that it, like many Turkish five-shot guns of 12 caliber, accommodates only 4 cartridges in the magazine, and the fifth one is charged directly into the chamber, so sometimes in the store's capacity they write: 4 + 1.

Turkish shotgun

This model is produced only 12 caliber, withbarrels of different lengths - from 47 to 76 cm. However, in Russia, the version with a 71 mm barrel, interchangeable chokes and a ventilated aim bar was the best adopted. You will most likely meet her in the store.

Escort PS

Earlier it was said that there are Turkishguns of 12 caliber semiautomatic devices, which are not copies of well-known Italian models, but own developments of Turkish gunsmiths. One of the successful examples of such "initiative" can serve as the brand Escort, manufactured by Hatsan.

Escort is available in several versions: Escort PS, Escort AS, Escort Shadow Grass, etc. Some of them are made in the style of Camo. We will consider the Escort PS, as the most common and affordable.

For recharging, gas venting automatics is used, but with the Smart Valve Position system (allows use of ammunition from sports to "super-magnum").

Turkish smooth-bore rifles

The rifle is manufactured under the cartridge of the 12th or 20th(in this case there will be a mark PS 20), with a different length of the barrel - from 66 to 76 cm. Regardless of the caliber, the fore and aft of this model are made of impact-resistant polyamide fiber. Escort, as well as the classic Turkish five-shot gun (for example, Stoeger 2000, described above), in the base version, accommodates 4 cartridges in the back-up store, plus one in the chamber. However, this capacity can both be increased to 7 + 1, and can be reduced to 2 + 1 with the help of purchased accessories. And to simplify charging in Escort'e used a quick reload system, which automatically sends cartridges to the chamber from the store.

Bronko Hades

Bronko, produced at the Ottomangus factory, as well as almost any Turkish five-shot gun, was copied from the Italian model, namely with Benelli Montefeltro.

The weight of the gun, as in the case with the majority"Turks" is not large - 3.15 kg in an uncharged condition, with a barrel length of 76 cm, which makes it an ideal choice for hunting hunting. The capacity of the barreled magazine for cartridges with a sleeve length of 76 mm is 4 cartridges, for 70 mm ammunition - 5.

The barrel "Bronco" has a vented bar with an anti-glare pattern on the entire surface. Thanks to her, aiming is much more convenient and easier, since there will be no glare and haze from the trunk.

The rifle can be executed either with a woodenbutt and fore-end (material - Turkish walnut), or with plastic. As a result, the owner of "Bronco" gets a quality and reliable gun, with a time-tested design, without superfluous delights, which is the difference between Turkish 12-guns (semiautomatic devices).

Turkish five-shot rifles 12 caliber

In any case, despite the simplicity and someexternal "clumsiness", you can be sure that the manufacturer has not saved any of the details directly affecting the accuracy and reliability of the weapon.

Companion E

Many of the Turkish five-shot guns of the 12 caliber considered by us are copies of famous Italian guns. So Companion E is a Turkish equivalent of Beretta A301.

Turkish guns of 12 caliber

Recharging is carried out usinggas venting mechanism, is available for the 12th or 20th caliber. The length of the trunk is 76 cm, and it can be increased with the help of a barrel extension. The claimed mass of the discharged gun is 3 kg, which is very small (and for 20 - so in general a toy). As well as it is necessary to any Turkish "clone", the steel is bought in Europe and processed on the computerized machine tools that guarantees reliability of the weapon and its high quality. However, it also has its drawbacks - the internal surfaces of wood and metal are processed much worse than the "European", but at an acceptable level. Plastic USM can also collapse during shooting, but such cases (as well as nedosyl or wedge) are very rare.

Turkish guns 12 caliber double-barrel

The last in this improvised "weaponreview "will be a double-barreled gun from the company Huglu: Huglu 103B BL 12 caliber, smooth-bore" vertical "from Turkey. The length of the barrel is 76 cm. The vertical trunk significantly increases the visibility, and the selector for switching the trunks makes shooting much more convenient. Also it should be noted its excellent balancing, which differs Turkish guns 12 caliber. Turkish double-barrels, and Huglu including, are equipped with a wooden butt from the Turkish nut. The gun requires a lot of attention, it should be constantly cleaned and lubricated to avoid jamming mechanisms and other troubles. Yes, and for order and self-organization is useful.

Turkish hunting gun reviews

Due to its weight, this barrel can be usedwhen hunting in conditions of movement over long distances. Most of the birds shoot, but this gun can also be used to hunt a rabbit or any other small animals.

Instead of an afterword

Turkish guns of 12 caliber (semi-automatic or not),according to the fans of weapons, are increasingly gaining their niche in the Russian arms market. Starting with completely unreliable "shooting sticks", the Turks, with the help of European technologies, were able to create an affordable and reliable smooth-bore semiautomatic device. Although the Turks do not have their own weapons school, and their clone products are not as elegant and glossy as European ones, they do not lag behind in the quality of assembly and manufacturing of basic details. Therefore, the guns of Turkish production and even the own achievements of enterprising Turks are worthy of close attention of hunters of the post-Soviet space.

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