/ Where is New Zealand on which continent?

Where is New Zealand on which continent?

An infinite number of fantastically beautiful places are scattered on the vast expanses of our planet. The article will tell you where New Zealand is located - one of the heavenly corners of the globe.

New Zealand: location, description

New Zealand is a country that can be found insouth-western point of the Pacific Ocean. This state is located on two large islands (Southern and Northern) and approximately 700 adjacent smaller islands.

Where is New Zealand

The Kingdom of New Zealand includesdirectly to New Zealand, as well as the small island states of the island of Niue, Cook, the independent territory of Tokelau (consisting of 3 atolls) and the territory of Ross (Antarctic sector), independent in terms of government.

The islands of New Zealand are mostly coveredmountains and hills. At an altitude of more than 200 meters above sea level, approximately 75% of the country's territory is located. Most of the mountains of the North Island have a height not exceeding 1800 meters, and the peaks of the South Island (there are only 19) are above 3000 meters. The spacious valleys stretch along the shores of the North Island, and on the western coast of the South Island are the fjords (sea bays with rocky shores).

Often people are confused with the answer to the question, whereNew Zealand is on which continent. The islands themselves do not belong to the continents, they lie in a part of the world under the geographical name "Australia and Oceania". Their coordinates are 41.44 ° S and 172.19 ° E. This isolated island state is separated by the waters of the Tasman Sea (almost 2000 thousand thousand kilometers) from the shores of the continent, closest to it, Australia.

Where is New Zealand, on which continent?


Average temperatures in winter (July) - from+ 12 ° C in the north to + 5 ° C in the south. In summer (January), the temperature is on the average - in the north + 19 ° C and + 14 ° C in the south. The climate here is subtropical marine in the northern part and temperate marine in the south. Humidity and air temperature on the eastern and western slopes differ quite strongly.

Where New Zealand is located, the hottestare January and February (+ 27-30 ° C), and the coldest is July, especially in the south, where the temperature during this period can drop to 0 ° C. At any time of the year in mountainous areas it is much colder in comparison with the weather on the plain.

The presence of precipitation is also different in western andeastern areas, where they reach values ​​of 3000 mm and 400 mm per year, respectively. At the same time, the intensity of their deposition is almost the same. Almost always wind blows in these places.

The device of the state, religion, language

New Zealand is an independent parliamentarya democratic republic that is an independent member of the British Commonwealth. Formally, the head of this state is the monarch of Great Britain, who on the islands is represented by the Governor-General. The Prime Minister is the head of the government. Parliament is the legislative body.

Where New Zealand is located, Christians live in different faiths, and approximately 33% of the inhabitants consider themselves atheists.

The official languages ​​of the republic are English and Maori (Aboriginal language). Moreover, only 14% of citizens speak freely at the latter, and 41% of the inhabitants do not know the language of the indigenous population at all.


Fantastic landscapes and magnificent landscapescountries attract to these amazing places many tourists from all over the world. Mountains and hills, covered with green forests, waterfalls, rivers and lakes, geysers, glaciers and wonderful beaches - all this is a paradise for ecotourism lovers. Diving and a variety of unusual entertainment attract the attention of fans of extreme sports.

Where the island of New Zealand is, the Maori people live. They call their country Aotearoa, which translates as "a long white cloud."

List all the sights of the islands is impossible.

Where is the island of New Zealand
Enjoy all the splendor of nature in these placesYou can visit the national parks: Tongariro National Park, Fiordland, Mount Cook (with its famous Tasman Glacier), Mount Aspiring, Urever, Egmont and Abel Tasman. Very popular here is Lake Rotorua, which is located in the crater of the volcano, and the valley of the geysers.

A masterpiece of nature is a cave with fireflies in Waitomo, where the impression of traveling among the stars of the galaxy appears. This is the most amazing and spectacular sight in the whole world.

Where is New Zealand? There, where together there was a huge number of interesting and wonderful places, wonderful beauty of nature.

Attractions of this magnificent countrycan be seen in its capital - in the city of Wellington. It is located in an amazing bay of volcanic origin, which is surrounded by green hills. In a cozy city there are a lot of squares, parks and green corners. The National Museum, the Sacred Heart Cathedral, the City Art Gallery and the Botanical Garden (one of the best in the whole world) are all the sights of the capital.

Islands of New Zealand

Also interesting is its curious places and another largest city - Auckland.


It should be noted that the picture of the same namethe famous work "The Lord of the Rings" by John Tolkien was shot in the picturesque territories of New Zealand. Therefore now the Tolkien tour is also one of the popular routes of New Zealand tourism.

New Zealand is a mysterious country. Its main wealth is nature with unique landscapes. And it is guarded by New Zealanders very carefully.

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