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Useful tips for every day for home, for health

Recently, unprecedented popularity receivedso-called lifhaki, or the tricks of life (useful tips that simplify life). On the Internet you can find a lot of videos about how to create this or that adaptation, designed to ease the life of a modern person. But, as practice shows, in everyday life it is more important to know the simple nuances of harvesting, cooking and maintaining one's own health than owning the skills of assembling outlandish items. Useful advice for all occasions will come in handy to people of all ages, regardless of their social status, level of material wealth and personal preferences. It is possible that you will also learn a lot of interesting things in this modest collection of practical recommendations.

useful tips for every day

Cleaning in the kitchen

  • First of all, it's worth forgetting about those who become addictedPaper napkins and towels, as well as rags made of cotton fabric. They are not only ineffective in removing contaminants, but also are powerless against the multitude of bacteria that live in any kitchen. Do not spare the money for the purchase of special napkins made from microfiber - they will serve you long, cope with even old or stained spots and help clean the surfaces from microbes. Moreover, due to the special texture of the fabric, microfiber napkins can be removed even without the aid of cleaning agents. (Good advice from other housewives will prompt another miracle invention - melamine sponges).
  • Every day, billions of housewives all over the worldthey wash up huge mountains of dishes. How quickly to cope with this annoying duty? Fill the empty shell with hot soapy water immediately before eating and gradually add the dishes that are empty of food. While you will have breakfast, lunch or dinner, dirty plates and appliances will have time to get wet in foam and hot water - it will not be difficult to wash them off.
  • Everyone knows that sponges for washing dishes arean ideal breeding ground for bacteria. To disinfect the sponge and thus make it absolutely safe to use, squeeze it out every evening and microwave in the maximum power mode for one minute. Throw out the old sponge immediately, as soon as you feel the odor coming from it.

Cleaning in the bathroom

useful advice for all occasions

  • Owners of shower cabins, fenced offspecial curtains, it is useful to know the following: when mold stains appear on the curtain, you need to wash it along with several terry towels. This will help to scrape off the plaque from the canvas. After washing, simply hang the blind in place - it will dry quickly.
  • After washing your head, do you find a lot of hairs on the floor? To not collect them one by one, soak a lump of toilet paper and spend every morning on the floor.
  • Use the maximum time that childrenspend in the bathroom before going to bed. While they are playing with rubber dentures and other toys, wipe the mirrors, clean the toilet bowl and discard the accumulated garbage. Preparing the child for bed, quickly clean the bath and washbasin, wipe the floor. The bathroom is clean!

How to sweep the floor correctly

Often, useful tips for every day haverather specific character: some authors offer sophisticated methods of cleaning, others - unique methods of getting rid of the ubiquitous dust. Meanwhile, not all landladies know how to properly perform ordinary household duties - for example, how to sweep the floor so as to completely get rid of dirt and at the same time to reduce the efforts made.

life tricks useful tips to simplify life

  • The simplest recommendation determines the ordercleaning: you must always start from the very top and finish cleaning the floor. Thus, all dust and any debris, including crumbs from the kitchen table, will be either on a rag or on the floor, and from them they need to be removed in the last place. Although useful tips for every day are quite obvious, not all of them adhere to and therefore spend much more time and effort on cleaning than required.
  • Inside the residential premises the floor is swept with brooms withmore fine bristles to successfully remove even the tiniest dirt. In the yard you can use brooms and brooms with a thicker and stiffer bristle, which will help to clean the porous surfaces.
  • When cleaning with a broom or a broom, hold the handle,as a paddle canoe: one hand at the top, and the other - in the middle. It is useful to know that for best effect you need revenge, moving your hands in opposite directions. Start from the outer sides and corners of the room and sweep the dust and debris to the center - there it will be easier to assemble and render.

Interesting nuances

  • Keep brushes and brooms bristles up, resting them on the handles. So you will find the right thing faster and be able to keep the bristles in perfect order.
  • Carefully choose a scoop for cleaning. Ideally, it should have a rubber edge - then you do not have to struggle with the annoying strip of dust remaining after each stroke with a broom.

good to know

Cleaning in the bedroom

To the bedroom always looked neat,observe good advice to the landlady. First of all, make your bed every morning. If you are too lazy to do this, immediately after awakening, pull the blanket to the chin and gently, sideways get out of bed so that it is half-filled. Before you leave the room, finish what you started.

Keeping things

  • Most women's cabinets are fullclothes that no one wears, and as a result, the landlady has to clutter the surface of the nightstands with things that simply do not fit on the shelves of the cupboard. Disassemble the old deposits, get rid of clothes that you have not worn for a year, and promise yourself every week to immediately disassemble freshly washed things.
  • The most effective and useful tips for eachday are reduced to one principle: stick to minimalism. Start a wicker basket, polyester case or a large plastic box, put in an interesting book, a moisturizer, started knitting, or whatever else you prefer lying down. Leave on the bedside table only an alarm clock, a night light and a pack of napkins.


  • Many lifhaki (they are also the tricks of life;useful tips that simplify life) are based on the replacement of some funds by others. If you use the conditioner for laundry when washing, you probably already had time to notice that terry towels after treatment with air conditioning lose their ability to absorb moisture well. To prevent such a negative effect, add a quarter of a glass of white vinegar to the washing machine at the rinse stage or throw a couple of new clean tennis balls into the dryer. These measures will help to get rid of static electricity and soften the tissue.
  • Almost everything can be washed in cold water - thisa big plus for sustaining the environment. Nevertheless, for washing sheets, towels and underwear, only the hottest water should be used. Panties and bras need to be dried immediately to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

The simplest useful tips for every day

good advice

  • Psychologists advise to measure the time requiredyou to perform a certain domestic duty. If you know exactly how many minutes you spend on this or that business, it will be easier and more pleasant for you to deal with it. Surprisingly, it's a fact: most home affairs take only ten minutes.
  • Try on yourself the machine principlemultitasking, that is, with a clear conscience, combine business with pleasure. Enjoying a fascinating phone conversation with your best friend, you can fold washed clothes, beat pillows, collect books and magazines scattered around the apartment, wash dishes, sweep or wipe the dust.
  • Good useful advice for all occasions givesauthor of the technique "Flying Housewives". And one of the best recommendations is to determine in time the so-called hot spots - the places where garbage and rubbish accumulate most often. A blockage can be anything: a mountain of papers, a warehouse of scattered toys, or a pile of things that are not clear from where it comes - disassemble the "hotspots" immediately, as one thing lying out of place attracts a dozen of the same things.
  • Get a nice box in the style of vintage orbuy an ordinary plastic container with a lid. It will be convenient there to add randomly found elements of children's puzzles and designers, from where appeared nuts, lost buttons and similar objects of small size. Once you need such an item, you will know where to look for it.


Useful tips for health will help to maintain good health for many years.

  • According to the results of recent studies, it was found that the consumption of oolong tea in the amount of three cups a day significantly alleviates the symptoms of mild eczema: oolong contains health-improving polyphenols.
  • Headache, which appeared due to overexertion, can be removed with the help of peppermint oil or a special balm containing menthol. The medicine is rubbed into the whiskey.
  • If you suffer from chronic fatigue andregularly overwork, forget about endless cups of coffee and extra sleep. Surprisingly, but the fact: if you do a couple of simple physical exercises or just a short stroll in the fresh air, you will greatly increase strength.

The right diet

useful tips for health

  • Useful tips for life include practicalrecommendations for proper nutrition. So, for example, if you suffer from hypertension (increased blood pressure), try to add to your menu products that are rich in potassium. Potassium lowers the sodium level and promotes the healing of the heart muscle. This element is found in bananas, musk melon and oranges.
  • Do not be afraid to add more to the main dishesgarlic and onion - fresh, toasted, stewed. Both products have antiviral and antibacterial properties. In addition, they increase immunity.
  • Some good advice can be gleaned fromalternative medicine. So, Ayurveda offers to drink teas with medicinal herbs tulsi (it is also a sacred basil), since this natural vegetable component reduces the level of cortisol in the blood and thereby relieves stress.
  • If you have dry skin, eat more avocado. Unique fruits are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which is very important for skin health. You can add avocados to salads and sandwiches. Gourmets even make them smoothies.

Little-known good health tips

useful tips for life

  • With acute migraine, drink a full glass of water - one of the causes of headaches can become dehydration.
  • If you have problem skin, choose lotions and soap with the content of the extract of calendula. The healing flowers are known for their antiseptic properties.
  • If indigestion, drink a cup of mint tea immediatelyafter eating. Mint has a choleretic effect and promotes rapid digestion of food. However, it is necessary to use this medicinal plant with caution, if you have a tendency to heartburn.
  • When swollen, swallow and swallowhalf a teaspoon of fennel seeds. Such a recommendation is given by any book of useful advice related to health: fennel (dill) is available, inexpensive and absolutely harmless - no wonder even newborn children are given the so-called "dill vodichku" to relieve colic.
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