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Mikhail Polosukhin, actor: biography, personal life, children and interesting facts

Mikhail Polosukhin is an actor who is enoughhe started acting late. It can often be seen on the stage of the "Moon Theater" than on the set. Nevertheless, the audience is familiar with many serials with his participation, for example, "Interns", "Ways", "Hour of Volkov", "City of temptations", "Ladder to Heaven", "Queen of the Game". What can you tell us about the star?

Actor Mikhail Polosukhin: the beginning of the road

The artist was born in Volgograd, happenedthis is in September 1966. The biography of actor Mikhail Polosukhin shows that he comes from a creative family. His mother served in the Volgograd theater, behind the scenes of which the boy actually spent his childhood.

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Little Misha did not dream about actingThe profession, which at first seemed to him something ordinary. At first he seriously thought about the career of an ice cream maker, as he was very fond of this delicacy. Then Polosukhin refused this idea, began to dream about the heroic path of the fireman. Then for a while he pictured himself in the role of a sailor conquering unexplored lands. But fate decreed otherwise.

Choice of life path

Only in high school future actor MikhailPolosukhin seriously thought about dedicating his life to the theater. He had no illusions about what kind of life the representatives of the acting profession lead. He knew that hard work was waiting for him, he made his choice consciously. Mother objected to the son following in her footsteps, because she believed that all the artists had to give up their freedom. However, the young man did his own thing.

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To study dramatic art, the young man decided inhometown. From the first attempt Polosukhin succeeded in entering the VolSU, he chose the theater faculty. Mikhail was taken to a course led by the talented teacher Otar Jangishehrashvili. The young man received the diploma in 1991, and then proceeded to conquer the scene.


After the end of the Volgograd State University, actor Mikhail Polosukhinquickly found a job. Otar Jangishehrvili persuaded the young talent to join the creative team of the New Experimental Theater, the main director of which he became shortly before.

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Mikhail easily managed to conquer the Volgogradviewers. They appreciated his undeniable talent and extravagant appearance. A special impression on the regulars of the New Experimental Theater was produced by the production of "Mad Money", in which Polosukhin brilliantly played the ambiguous Glumov.

On the stage of his first theater, Mikhail worked for about 12 years. The main role of the actor was played by the negative heroes. "Romeo and Juliet", "Masquerade" - famous performances with his participation.

"Theater of the Moon"

Roman Polosukhin with "The Moon Theater", whichcontinues and now, began in 2001. Sergei Prokhanov persuaded the actor to play in the musical "Lips", the plot of which was borrowed from the work of Nabokov "Camera obskura." In this production, Mikhail convincingly portrayed Horn, from where it all began.

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Deciding to move to the capital, actor MikhailPolosukhin actually began life from scratch. In Volgograd he was a celebrity, in his native theater he was assigned the role of key characters. The relations of yesterday's provincial with "The Moon Theater" were formed gradually. It took Mikhail a few years to become one of the leading actors.

The first serious achievement of Polosukhin on stage"The Theater of the Moon" - the role of Richard the Third in the play of the same name. Director Algirdas Latenas immediately believed that it was Michael who would play this ambiguous character best, and he was not mistaken. The role gave the actor not only a spectatorial ovation, but also a prize named after Anatoly Romashin. In the future, he was destined several more times to receive this prestigious award.

"Natural Extreme", "Notes of Nino Rota", "RubyTuesday "," Lirmania "," Bullfighting or Roman with a sleepless night "- it is difficult to list all the famous productions with the participation of Polosukhin. Of his recent achievements, one can not fail to note the prominent role in the play "Entract".


Actor Mikhail Polosukhin, biography, private lifewhich are discussed in the article, never really wanted to act in films. Nevertheless, the directors could not leave his talent without attention. His first role he performed in the series "Two Fates", his appearance in this television project was episodic.

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Extravagant appearance of Michael rendersdirect influence on what roles he is offered. Basically, he embodies the images of ambiguous or negative characters. Often Polosukhin has to play criminals, for example, in the television project "Club" he portrayed the bandit Kolyan.

All of the above does not at all mean that the actorthere is a pronounced role. What kind of heroes he did not have time to play by the year 51. In the series "Rublevka Live", or rather in the episode "Glamorous maniac," Polosukhin perfectly got used to the image of a psychotherapist. Very bright was the role of the head of the Satanic sect of the Scorched, which Michael performed in the television project "Mad". The ladies' man Yevgeny Karasev, the actor convincingly played in the "Ways".

Starring roles

When Polosukhin was able to forge himself for the first timeattention of the audience? The biography of the star indicates that it happened in 2011. It was then that Mikhail starred in the movie "The Case of Honor", embodying the image of the brutal and overbearing drug lord Mikhail Zverev.

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Then the star roles followed one after another. Polosukhin played in the melodrama "Stairway to Heaven", starred in the action movie "Cool" and the criminal tape "Second Love".

Personal life

What information about myself is shared with journalistsactor Mikhail Polosukhin? Biography, personal life, children - fans want to know absolutely everything about your favorite artist. Unfortunately, the star of the picture "The Case of Honor" is more eager to talk about his roles than about life behind the scenes. However, some information is still there.

The personal life of actor Mikhail Polosukhin settleda few years ago. Daria Goncharova is a woman who managed to win his heart. Actress, director, producer - this woman managed to prove herself in many spheres. However, she is best known as the mother of the young actress Taisia ​​Vilkova. Slava came to this girl when she embodied the image of Vasilisa Bobylkina in the rating TV project "Deffchonka". "Vanghelia", "Fartsa", "Gregory R.", "Gogol. Beginning "," Ilya Muromets "- other popular films and serials with her participation.

It is known that Polosukhin quickly found a common language with his step-daughter Taisia, they had a friendly relationship.

What else to see

In what other films and serials by the year 51 hadactor Mikhail Polosukhin, whose personal life and creative achievements are discussed in the article? A list of other film and television projects with his participation is offered below.

  • "Matchmaker".
  • "Father's daughters".
  • "The Theater of the Moon, or Cosmic Fool 13.28".
  • "The Hour of Volkov".
  • The Ermolovs.
  • "City of temptations."
  • "Interns."
  • "Brother for brother."
  • "Assassination Brotherhood."
  • Inspector Cooper.

In the TV project "The Queen of the Game", presented at thethe spectator's court in 2014, the actor brilliantly played Nikolai Petrovich Zubkov. Character cunning appropriates a luxury hotel, which he owned alone with a childhood friend. Deceived partner sees the only way out - to lay hands on himself. Many years later, his son decides to get even with a man who deserves to blame for his father's death. For this, he decides to fall in love with Anna, the daughter of Nikolai Petrovich. However, the young man is not able to resist the charm of the girl.

Interesting fact

At the end of 2017, a new TV project with the participation of a talented actor is expected. It's about the series "Secret City 3", in which Polosukhin will play one of the key characters.

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