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Oakman: a fungus that is very similar to white

Mushroom oak, photo of which are located below,mainly occurs in mixed or deciduous forests and begins to grow at the end of May. Then he disappears for a while and again appears at the very end of summer, after which he actively fructifies for about one month. It should be noted that this fungus is not very common, and it can be found much less often than the boletus.

oak mushroom

Dubovik is a mushroom that is distinguished by a wide,fleshy, yellow-brown or olive-brown hat, the diameter of which sometimes reaches twenty centimeters. At the initial stage of development, its shape is half-spherical, but later it changes to a pillow-shaped one. If the oak grows in a moist environment, the hat becomes sticky and slightly slippery, otherwise it feels somewhat like a suede. Its flesh has a yellowish color, which at the crack is rapidly becoming blue-green, and even later - generally black. The oak is a mushroom, which has a leg up to 12 cm high and about 5 cm wide. It is covered with a grid of reddish hue and thickens in its lower part. If you press a little on the prolific body, it turns blue like a broken hat. The same can be said about the place of the incision. In this regard, in the people of the oak tree is often called a "bruise".

oak mushroom photo
Mushroom oak edible, and taste bettera large number of other varieties. Together with this, for its use in food it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions. First of all, it should be noted that in its raw form it is poisonous. It is strictly forbidden to combine it with alcoholic beverages, which is dangerous for health. Oakmen can fry, cook, salt and marinate. Before they cook, you need to boil the mushrooms for fifteen minutes, then pour the broth. If you do not, you can also poison yourself.

Not only to taste, but also externally oaken (mushroom)very similar to a boletus. As a rule, it grows only on calcareous and clay soils, in the territory of deciduous massifs and parks. The period of the most active growth in him falls in September. One of the significant drawbacks is the external resemblance to the life-threatening satanic fungus. Therefore, when collecting oaks, one should pay close attention to the legs, which should have a red-purple color in the region of the tubular layer. However, it is scientifically proven that if you properly boil satanic mushrooms, they can also be eaten, because in fact, they belong to the same family.

mushroom oak edible

An interesting feature of the oak tree is thatas he grows up, and the color changes, which is first red and orange, and at the end - dirty olive, as already noted. As practice shows, an oak tree is a mushroom, which is not so easy to find. It's no secret that the main goal of any mushroom picker is the white fungus. If you look at the other side, then everyone can find it, but with an oak tree it's a different story. In other words, for people who are versed in this sphere, recently it has become one of the standards.

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