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Mushroom blackberry yellow: description and habitat

Mushroom blackberry yellow is very interestingrepresentative of the Gidnum family. It belongs to the Yezhovikov family. In Latin this fungus is called Hydnum Repandum. However, in addition to scientific names, there are other: blackberry coral, dentinum, yellow ezhovik, gimnum notch. This fungus practically does not spoil the pests.

Mushroom blackberry


Classic blackberry mushroom has a fruit body,whose height does not exceed 10 centimeters. The diameter of the cap is about 15 centimeters. Its surface is somewhat uneven, with noticeable tubercles. The color of the hat varies from yellow to orange. Partly because of the coloring, in part because of similar morphological features, it is often confused with the chanterelles. Mushroom blackberry has a very interesting flesh, which is characterized by a large fleshiness and a thin, implicitly expressed fruity smell. Her color is white. It should be noted that beginning fans of "quiet hunting" with insufficient experience can confuse the blackberry with some species of inedible or toxic fungi that have similar morphological features. Therefore, going to the collection, you need to carefully study the features and external signs that distinguish the blackberry mushroom. You can see his photo in this article.

Mushroom blackberry photo
Varieties of fungus

There are several different subspecies of blackberries,which often differ significantly from one another in various parameters. And among them there are both edible and dangerous species. Among the most common varieties of blackberries are edible fungi popular in many regions: Hydnum albidum (differs in the white color of the cap), Hydnum rufescens (it has a red-yellow or orange cap color). There are also blackberry Hydnum umbilicatum, but most often they are found in North America. These mushrooms in the suburbs can not be found.

Habitat and distribution

Blackberries are spread all over the squareEuropean part of the Russian Federation. They also grow in the Far Eastern regions and in Siberia. Mushroom blackberry is distributed throughout the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere of the planet. This species grows in deciduous and coniferous forests. The harvest season begins in the middle of autumn and lasts until the first frost.

Mushrooms in the suburbs
Culinary Characteristics

When a highly skilled culinary takes up preparation of these mushrooms, the output is a real masterpiece.

In French cuisine, the blackberry mushroom is considered onefrom the most delicious, delicious dishes. From it do julenas and mousses, served as the main dish, as a snack or garnish. Soup and salads are also made from this mushroom. In the domestic cuisine, it is mostly stewed and fried.

The best for culinary useare considered young blackberry mushrooms. Sometimes they are confused with mushrooms. However, even more mature specimens are suitable for creating culinary masterpieces. To improve the taste of old mushrooms, you must first boil them in salt water. Heat treatment allows you to remove the bitter taste. From dried mushrooms a mushroom powder is made, which is used as a seasoning and gives spicy taste to dishes.

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