/ / Comedian and actor Voronetsky Evgeny: biography and creativity

Comedian and actor Voronetsky Evgeny: biography and creativity

Voronetsky Eugene - a handsome young manwith a tremendous sense of humor, characteristic of many Odessa citizens. Do you want to know where he was born and trained? In which projects took part? Then you need to get acquainted with the content of the article.

Voronetsky evgeny

Biography: childhood and adolescence

Evgeny Voronetsky was born on September 24, 1982 in one of thelargest Ukrainian cities - Odessa. He is from a normal family with an average salary level. Our hero grew up an obedient and intelligent child. At school, Zhenya was not bad at school. The boy attended the sports section, played chess and read a lot. In high school Voronetsky seriously took a great interest in theater. No school setting took place without his participation.

 evgeny Voronetsky

Studentism and the beginning of creative activity

Friends, neighbors and relatives of Eugene wereare confident that he will choose a theater or music college. But the guy surprised everyone. After all, the young man submitted documents to the National Academy of Food Production, located in Odessa. Zhenya chose the specialty "mechanical engineer for grain processing technologies". He managed to enter the university on the first attempt. It was within the walls of the academy that our hero met Dmitry Romanov. The guys became very friends. Together they joined the student team of KVN "Respublika Shkid".

evgeny Voronetsky films

TV projects

Dima Romanov and Zhenya Voronetsky played in the"Comedy Odessa" and "Comedy Kiev". Their duet "Made by hands" enjoyed an incredible popularity with the local audience. The guys took part in the 5th season of the show "Laughter without rules" (TNT). They not only demonstrated their talent and sense of humor to Russian viewers, but also became winners of the tournament.

The duet "Made by hands" decided not to stop atachieved. Many of you could see Zhenya Voronetsky and Dima Romanov in the humorous program "Slaughter League" (TNT). And in the show "Bunker News" our hero acted in the clan "Pimps of Happiness" (together with Yusupov Omar, Anton Borisov, Kosyakov Denis and Artem Pushkin).

Evgeny Voronetsky: movies with his participation

Our hero positions himself as an artistconversational genre. However, he would like to conquer the film industry. To date, Eugene participated only in the filming of the comedy series "Fina Yukraina" (2008-2009). He is ready to consider any proposals from producers and directors.

Voronetsky evgeny

Personal life

To begin with, Voronetsky Eugene neverwas a womanizer and ladies' man. At school age, he fell in love with a girl from a parallel class. Unfortunately, she did not reciprocate. The first serious relationship began with Zhenya while studying at the academy. But soon the couple ceased to exist. Currently, the heart of a famous comedian is free.

Interesting Facts

Voronetsky Eugene has long been fond of basketball, although it has a short stature. His favorite direction in music is house. Together with Dmitry Romanov, he starred in the clip of the Heralds Mike for the song Lilu.

evgeny Voronetsky


Voronetsky Evgeny is a talented andpurposeful guy. His creative energy and diligence can only be envied. Our hero manages to appear in humorous programs, create new numbers and skits, and also conduct various events: corporate parties, anniversaries, weddings and so on. We wish him financial prosperity and great love!

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