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The notion of politics

The term "politics" was first used by Aristotlein his treatise under the same title. The concept of politics, firstly, denotes the whole sphere of human relations. Its task is to regulate the relations between the broadest groups of people, taking into account the interests of each of them. However, quite often the interests of one group may contradict the interests of another, and even completely exclude them.

Secondly, the concept of politics implies allThe types of influence that a leader or a group of people can have. In this regard, we can talk about the policy of the President or the editorial office of a certain publication, the policy of the party, the confession, the directorate of the enterprise.

Usually, politics is considered directlyordination or management. Relations that develop between people with the aim of organizing state power, its functioning, are called political.

The concept of politics is inextricably linked with the notion of power. Both these phenomena can not exist separately, in addition, they are highly interdependent.

The policy can be divided into external (relations between countries or states) and internal (it includes financial, ecclesiastical, social, trade and other directions).

The notion of social policy refers to a complexstate activities aimed at improving the living standards of all members of the society of the state. This includes creating conditions for raising the material level of the population, seeking incentives for labor, ensuring welfare, maintaining social justice within the state.

The main directions of social political activity are:

  • Development of special programs regulating employment of the population, as well as aimed at preventing or eliminating potential social conflicts.

  • Creation of information and legal basis for the regulation of labor relations, state monitoring of compliance with labor legislation in the country.

  • Improvement and development of the social insurance system (including pensions for old age and disability, payments to large families, veterans, low-income, etc.)

  • Improving the quality of life through the fair distribution of income received by various segments of the population.

The concept of financial policy implies the totality of many state measures for the use of finance aimed at the fulfillment by the state of its functions.

The content of the financial policy is diverse:

  • She develops and builds a general concept of financial relations, their goals, tasks, directions.

  • Creates and improves financial mechanisms that meet the interests of the state.

  • Manages the finances of the state and all its economic entities.

The objectives of the state financial policy are:

  • Ensuring optimal conditions for the accumulation of maximum financial resources.

  • Their expedient expenditure and distribution.

  • Creation of regulatory and incentive mechanisms through finance.

  • Creation of a competent system of financial management.

Financial and social policies are closely interrelated and are integral parts of state policy in general.

Naturally, the concept of politics is notis limited only by the financial or social side. In addition to them, the general meaning of this term includes such types of political activities as anti-corruption (aimed at combating corruption), monetary, customs, budgetary, investment, taxation, etc.

The goal of the policy is to create the ideal image of the desired future, the most comfortable for all members of society.

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