/ / We prepare congratulations to the boy on his birthday (4 years)

We prepare congratulations to the boy on his birthday (4 years)

All people love holidays and congratulations. But most of all the children adore different events. They are able to sincerely rejoice and have fun, immediately forgetting about all problems and sorrows. That is why all children's holidays should be as thoughtful as possible. What kind of congratulation a boy can have for his birthday (4 years) - this will be discussed later.

congratulations to the boy on his birthday 4 years


At the very beginning, it should be said that the babyverbal wishes for the time being will not be too important. First of all, the child will pay attention to the gift that the guests will give him. But still leave a small little man without congratulatory words. What to do? How correctly to arrive? There are several options:

  • Congratulate the rhyme. It is desirable to be cheerful and fervent. This form of narration by children is much easier to understand.
  • You can congratulate in prose. But in this case, congratulations should be as short as possible. The text should not tire the baby.
  • It is good to congratulate the child on a song.
  • Congratulation can be presented in a special gift so that his child will want to read it himself.

4 years birthday greetings to the boy boy

The poem of congratulations

As mentioned above, the boy's birthday greetings can be poetic:

4 years is a special date.

You just start living.

With all our heart we wish you

A good man to be.

Or another version of the verse for the birthday celebrity:

You're still a kid, but already an adult,

A full-fledged miracle man.

We hasten to congratulate you, guests,

Health and well-being for the century!

birthday greetings for 4 years boy

Prosaic form

Congratulation to the boy on his birthday (4 years)can be made in a prosaic form. In this case, the text itself should be very short, but capacious, simple and even fun. Only in this case will the child listen to all the congratulations.

Example 1. "Dear birthday, We wish you good health, clear mind, spiritual purity and well-being." "Learn well, obey your parents and be wise! Happy birthday, baby!"

Example 2. "Dear Sasha, With all our heart we wish you a sweet life, true true friends, beautiful girl-friends and fulfillment of all your desires! Be healthy and happy!"

Example 3. "Dear Sashenka, We wish you many sweets, good toys, fulfillment of desires and obedient parents! Today you are allowed everything!"

Song greetings

Congratulations on his 4-year birthday to the boycan be presented in song form. So, in advance you can ask all the guests to congratulate the baby in this way. The child will definitely like it. There are many options. The simplest of them is to come up with a variation on the whole well-known song "Happy Birthday!". And the guests are happy, and the child will be pleased.


Children are not mostly audials, viz.kinestetics and visuals. That is, they do not want to listen, they are more interested in watching or touching everything that surrounds them. So, you can congratulate the child with the help of a poster. There may also be several options:

  • An ordinary poster, drawn on a sheet of A1 format. There you can paste the clippings of their children's magazines - your favorite baby heroes, also attach photos of the boy and just draw pictures and write short congratulations.
  • Make a stretch poster. The main phrase will be "Happy Birthday, (name of the child)!". On each, a separately written letter, you can also paste some funny sticker or photo with guests who will be invited to the celebration.

for 4 years boy congratulations and wishes

Balls as a gift

If the baby is 4 years old, congratulations (birthday)child-boy can be decorated on balloons. So, on each ball you can write a special congratulation. And handing them to the child, just read it, explaining to the baby what exactly is going on. You can also ask the child to read it yourself. Moreover, at this age some babies can already read simple words. It will be both congratulation and a game at the same time.


Congratulation to the boy on his birthday (4 years)can be encrypted as a gift. To do this, you will need to prepare several presents. For example, first a toy syringe is given to the child. The boy is asked to guess what it means. The child should say: "To be always healthy." And so on. The baby can be given silver coins (for wealth), a book (for developing mental abilities, for learning), etc. So the child will have several gifts, and the guests will congratulate the baby very original.

The main thing!

But what is the main thing? For 4 years the boy congratulations and wishes should sound sincerely, wholeheartedly. Only then will the kid really take them, and the guests will love, while paying attention to their attention. And it's worth a lot.

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