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Sohaty is ... Why are moose called elk?

Do you know which beast is elk? Agree, an interesting question. After all, if you think about it, not everyone will be able to define the word "elk", not to mention the essence of such an incomprehensible description. Therefore, let us dispel the veil of secrecy and see what kind of beast lies behind it.

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The elk is ...

Let's start with the fact that today this word is practicallyIt is not used in circulation, since it has long outlived itself. And nevertheless sometimes it nevertheless slips, especially in works of art and films. Therefore, we will not pull with the answer and say that the elk is the moose. Yes, yes, that's right. It is this big beast with huge horns that carries such an incomprehensible nickname.

But why? Where did this nickname come from - "elk": is this a metaphor or a curse word? Or maybe there's some mysterious story behind this? But in fact, everything is much simpler, and now you will know the true cause of this phenomenon.

what beast is elk

Similarity with the ancient instrument of labor

In the olden days, tools were made from improvisedmaterials, as the services of the blacksmith cost too much dearly. For example, as a plow often used a stick with a branched tip. This design allowed for a quick plowing of the soil, since many branches loosened the ground well.

But one day a man noticed that the moose of a hornmuch like a tip of a plow. And so, it was not long before all the people in that district began to call these animals elk. Soon this nickname was adopted by the inhabitants of neighboring villages, and after them all others. As a result, now all the Russian-speaking peoples call moose elk. And if at first such a nickname applied only to males, then over the years it became attached to the whole species as a whole.

Well, let's sum up: elk - this is the moose. This epithet is applied to him because his horns are like an ancient tool of labor - a plow. And although today this device can only be seen in museums, the old nickname still refers to a sucked beast.

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