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Production structure: principles and principles

The production structure of any enterprise oran organization is a collection of all internal units and communications, as well as their clear interconnection. Such units include workplaces of the workshop, production sites, offices, farms, etc.

Production structure

Clear production structure createdat the foundation or reconstruction of each enterprise, and the correct choice of its type predetermine the efficiency of all production processes and the quality of the final product. The production structure of the organization is determined by its profile, scale, industry affiliation, technological specialization, the size of the main divisions (workshops, workshops and production sites) and other factors.

In addition to the main divisions, the productionthe structure includes a number of additional (auxiliary) structural units, the main purpose of which is to ensure the continuity and efficiency of the main parts of the enterprise, which produce the final product intended for implementation.

Production structure of the organization

To the subsidiary units of the enterprisefunctional departments, management bodies and laboratories. Their size and nature of activities should be fully commensurate with the specialization and characteristics of the main production sites. Only such a reasonable and logical construction will make it possible to fully function the entire production structure.

In addition, the production structure includesa number of service shops or sites that are engaged in manufacturing and repairing the means of production, sharpening and tuning tools, household equipment, appliances and appliances. The servicing units in the production structure also include sites for monitoring the operability of equipment, machinery and machines.

In other words, the production structurean enterprise is a form of organization of production processes, including the composition, capacities and scales of individual structural units, as well as the nature and type of interrelations between them.

The production structure of the enterprise is

The structural units of the main production shouldbe formed in full accordance with the profile and specialization of the enterprise, the specific types of products manufactured, the scale and technology of production. At the same time, the organizational and production structure of the enterprise must have a certain degree of flexibility. This is due to the fact that along with the timely release of products, increasing its quality characteristics and reducing production costs, there may be an urgent need to re-profile the enterprise in connection with the rapidly changing market conditions.

To solve such problems, it is necessary toa certain structural flexibility due to the rationality of specialization and location of workshops, their cooperation within the enterprise, and also the unity of the rhythm of production processes and technological operations.

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