/ / Economic security is an important component of national security

Economic security is an important component of national security

Economic security is
Economic security is a statean important economic object, which is determined by the stability of income and other resources that allow not only to maintain a given standard of living at the moment, but also to plan various indicators for some time to come. Financial security includes the stability of employment, the preservation of paying qualities, the use of cash flows of the economic entity in the future.

In macroeconomics, the provision of economicsecurity is considered as the stability of the processes of economic development, as well as economic and social stability of society. All of the above aspects and processes must pass regardless of the action or even the presence of any external factors.

Thus, economic security isa combination of political, economic, social and scientific-technological factors that determine the level of national sovereignty. Such independence is achieved due to the small influence of the dominant economy, and also if the state of social, internal political and economic aspects is within acceptable limits.

Ensuring economic security

National economic security is at an appropriate level due to the action of certain determining factors:

1. Military-political power of the state.

2. Competitive position on the most important areas of the country's development.

3. Economic and geographical location in the territory of the state of the productive forces.

4. Supporting the branches of the industrial economy.

5. Reserves of the most important material resources of the higher and the first order in the proper volumes to ensure normal life in case of force majeure.

In turn, the aspects through which economic security is ensured are factors that affect the preservation of the most effective level:

1. Budget control.

2. Optimization of the activities of the country's economic and political governance systems.

National Economic Security

3. Comprehensive review of the conditions for the prevention of various emergencies, as well as analysis of the ways of the most effective recovery.

4. Investing in the development and implementation of new technologies.

5. Development of legislative documentation that ensures the economic security of the state.

6. Effective fight against corruption at all levels of social activity.

7. Optimization of the activities of special services and the army.

In connection with all the above factorseconomic security is a special state of the state economy that contributes to protecting the country's national interests, stability and independence from external and internal threats, protecting the most important aspects of people's livelihoods, and the ability to develop social, economic, political and other systems of society and the state in whole. Vital factors, in turn, are a set of material and non-material goods that satisfy the needs of the individual and society for progressive development.

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