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Dmitry Kostyukov: transition from journalism to photography

Dmitry Kostyukov is not just a journalist,who saw war. First of all, it is a person who wants to improve his skills in photography and remain honest with himself and the profession of a journalist.

Dmitry Kostyukov: biography

A well-known journalist and photo correspondent - that's whatcan say about him any citizen. On account of his journalistic career coverage of various historical events: from negotiations and friendly meetings of the presidents of countries to the conflicts in Afghanistan, the Gaza Strip and South Ossetia. On his camera, the stages of preparing cosmonauts for a responsible flight, landing the Soyuz and launching missiles at Baikonur were removed. Dmitry Kostyukov was a special correspondent at the first launch of space tourists from Space Adventure.

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A talented journalist served as a full-timephotographer at the agency France-Presse and the publishing house Kommersant. In 2012 he decided to become a free photographer. Also since 2010 Dmitry Kostyukov is a teacher of the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov.

The transition from journalism to professional photography

In the specialty of Dmitry - a writing journalist, but he was re-profiled and became a professional photographer. The way of becoming was not as simple as we would like.

In his graduation work Dmitry Kostyukovdescribed a study related to the economy of the media and the reorganization of newspapers in the region. But after graduating from high school he did not care who to work with - write articles or take pictures. Like many novice journalists, he would like to be a National Geographic journalist, travel the world and write about it. But getting into this edition, especially in the US unit, is very difficult. Therefore, Dmitry Kostyukov experienced himself as a correspondent in the magazine Men's Fitness. And after several footage, it was clear that he did not want to do it.

The meaning of "Kommersant" in the life of Dmitry Kostyukov

But after the failure in Men's Fitness, Dmitry did notdesperate, and tried himself in the publication of "Kommersant", just by calling the head of the photo service, who, in turn, invited the young journalist to a meeting. Unfortunately, in our country it is impossible to receive the education of a photojournalist, but this edition has become an excellent school for Kostyukov. Good equipment and a serious working atmosphere contributed to the development of the creative talents of the journalist.

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Now, many correspondents are photographing, but not always this is a professional work, most often entangled or lost pictures. What can not be said about Kostyukov.

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