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Ust-Tegus deposit: description and photo

The Ust-Tegus oil field isone of the seven sites that are currently being processed under the Uvat project. This is a special program to study and develop the south of the Tyumen region.

Opening of the deposit

In the autumn of 1991 drilling in the areaUst-Tegusska area. And as a result of testing well No. 100, a new oil deposit was discovered, which was given a partial name for the area.

History of the deposit

In the territory of the Uvat district the first oilThe deposits were discovered more than half a century ago. But because of the inaccessibility of places and the lack of even an initial infrastructure, the development of deposits was at that time inexpedient. Only in the nineties the first well was drilled.

Ust-Tegus deposit

In the 2000s, large investors came to the market. Thanks to modern methods and technical equipment, the Ust-Tegus deposit became one of the leading oil producers in the south of Siberia and specifically in the Tyumen region. After a while, a plan for the development of the site was created.

But its active development began only in 2004. In 2009, the first stage of the central collection center ("central collection point") of "black gold" was opened. And the industrial operation of the site began. Annually, the Ust-Tegusskoe field produces almost five hundred thousand tons of oil. The estimated reserves of "black gold" should be enough for another hundred years.

ust tegus deposit how to reach


The Ust-Tegus deposit is located inThe Tyumen region. The site is located in the Uvat district, 350 kilometers east of the city of Tobolsk. The district center, the settlement of Uvat, is located 300 kilometers to the southeast of the field. Nearby there are several cities. One of the nearest - Nizhnevartovsk. The Ust-Tegus deposit is located in a marshy and sparsely populated area.

Main characteristics of the site

The platform cover has opaciform deposits andsandy-silty-clayey structure of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic period. The total thickness of the deposit layer is almost 2700 meters. According to the Tyumen suite, the structure of the deposit and the adjacent Vasyuninsky uplift have a contour of isohypse about 2400 m.

The Ust-Tegus deposit belongs toindustrial level to the reconnaissance, and in class - to the middle. The main oil reserves are at a depth of 2500 meters. The total area of ​​the deposit is 184 hectares. Most of the extracted "black gold" refers to a heavy class.

Nizhnevartovsk ustgus deposit

Features of oil production

The development of the field has its difficulties due tonatural and climatic conditions. Since the location of the Ust-Tegusskoye CSP is a marshy area, it is difficult even to build roads there. This significantly slows the development of the field. Deliveries of equipment and cargo are possible only with the onset of frost, on temporary roads, which are called "winter roads". But some swamps do not freeze even in the most severe frosts.

Productive beds begin with a 3000-meterdepths. And this greatly complicates drilling. Now there are six plants in the field. Because of the complexity of drilling, the method of the cluster method is used. First, a vertical well is made. And already from it other branches start to be laid. One of these "bushes" has already made 48 wells. And for such a method of mining "black gold" is a record number of drilling. In addition to standard wells, horizontal drilling is used.

location of the ceps in the Tegussa deposit

Effect of the deposit on the district ecology

To save oil from the environment, the Ust-Tegus deposit has on its territory environmental equipment of the latest modern developments:

  • installations for water purification;
  • incinerator equipment;
  • mobile complex, eliminating the consequences of the spill of "black gold" and oil products.

The gas turbinea power plant that can utilize 95 percent of associated gas, which is produced by oil production. The deposit has a great influence on the Tyumen region. He makes a huge contribution to the development of the social life of the region and the economy, and also provides jobs and a good salary for local residents. And all this is a strong push to create a modern infrastructure.

How to get to Ust-Tegusskoe field?

How to get to Ust-Tegusskoe field? Can be reached by helicopter, which sits downdirectly to the platform. On the way, you can get there only in the winter. First you need to get to the Taylakovskoye field. A long road has been built for him. And from Tailakovskoye to the Ust-Tegusskoye field it remains to drive forty-five kilometers. The road is already under construction. And transport will soon depart from Nizhnevartovsk even in the summer. From it to the deposit is 490 kilometers.

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