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The most beautiful nation in the opinion of the inhabitants of the planet

Despite the fact that there is more on our planetmen, the most beautiful nation, as a rule, is determined by female beauty. Probably, the decisive role in this was played by the belief that male attractiveness is not tied to appearance but to intellect. Be that as it may, numerous surveys on the topic "which nation is the most beautiful" are guided exclusively by women's parameters. According to them, representatives of some nations are confidently present in all ratings, unanimously recognizing the most beautiful.

the most beautiful nation

Italy. Temperamental, knowing the price of the Italian can draw attention to themselves. Their dark shiny hair, swarthy, well-groomed skin, huge expressive eyes and a white-toothed smile for many are the standard of beauty and femininity. Actress Ornella Muti is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, and the true representative of her nation - Sophia Loren - even in adulthood, no one is inferior to the title of the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Russia. Although Russians are often subjected to ridicule for their tireless desire to look "one hundred percent" anywhere at any time of the day, perhaps it helps them enter the ratings. Those who admit that Russians are the most beautiful nation, note that our compatriots are very feminine, charming and do not belong to the same type. Although in a multinational country like Russia, there can not be any other way.

USA. Perhaps no nation causes so much controversy over its beauty. Admirers of the appearance of American women cite their magnificent teeth, hair, long legs, sports figure and rare self-confidence. Opponents appeal to the growing obesity of the American population and to the disappearing femininity under the influence of the feminist movement. Nevertheless, for most, the American appearance symbolizes the modern canons of beauty.

which nation is the most beautiful

Sweden. Nine out of ten respondents admit that the most beautiful nation lives in this Scandinavian country. Indeed, the concentration of beautiful women within a small country is amazing. Swedes, as a selection, all tall, slender, which is due to their sporty lifestyle. Model appearance and well-groomed appearance allow them to feel very confident. Despite the fact that it is believed that Sweden is a country of blondes, there are enough light-eyed brunettes.

the most beautiful nation in the world

Brazil. Perhaps, the Brazilians are so generous sun, but they are definitely the embodiment of life, unrestrained fun, coquetry. Swarthy owners of a luxurious body and thick hair dance well, play beach football and shock their temperament. Now they successfully conquer the fashionable catwalks, which once again proves that the Brazilians are the most beautiful nation.

Venezuela. This country has every reason to state that the most beautiful nation in the world lives on its territory. Luxury Venezuelans 19 times became winners of prestigious world beauty contests. Dark-haired possessors of exotic appearance participate in such competitions from 5-6 years, that's why they feel confident on the world arenas, which allows them to demonstrate all aspects of beauty.

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