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Govorushka gray: description, habitat, safety

Golovushka gray is one of the mostlarge fungi of this species (govorushki). It is considered conditionally edible. However, in recent years, the opinion about the safety of this fungus has changed. The reason for this was that in European countries, several poisonings had occurred with a grayish golovrushkoi. Studies have shown that in its raw form this fungus is practically non-toxic and relatively safe. However, there are nuances.

Govorushka gray
After heat treatment,cause in some people various disorders of breathing and digestion, as well as increased sweating. In addition, the fruit bodies of these fungi accumulate salts of heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium. Gray withers have the ability to accumulate them from the soil. However, poisoning in Europe can be the result of local natural conditions. In Russia, no case of harm to health due to eating this fungus was not recorded.


Smoothie smoky gray in its morphologicalthe signs are closest to the talker's mace. However, the latter differs somewhat in smaller sizes, as well as a clavate-shaped leg of gray color. The hat of a gray goat can reach a diameter of 20 cm. Its leg often grows to a height of 15 cm. The cap of this fungus is gray-brown or ash-gray in dry weather. In the rain or a damp fog, it becomes a yellowish-brown with a light edge and a waxy coating of whitish shade. The latter is easily removed. Sometimes the hat fades. As a result, it becomes almost white.

Govorushka gray photo

Mushroom plates can have a yellowish orwhitish shade. In young specimens, the caps are convex, semi-spherical, with well-curved margins. As it ages, it becomes convex-spread, funnel-shaped, fleshy and thick. The edges can straighten or stay slightly down. The leg reaches a diameter of 3 cm. It is whitish or gray in color. Golovushka gray has a fragrant white, dense, fibrous flesh, a bit sourish taste. In the stalk it is watery and friable, softens with age. It has a mealy, sweetish aroma. Spore powder of light cream color has a grayish golovushka. Photos of this fungus can be seen in this article.

Habitat and distribution

This fungus can be found in the forests of coniferous andmixed type from late August to late autumn. Often, a gray turner grows next to real honey-mongrels. However, if the summer was arid, it may not appear at all. Sometimes large clusters of these fungi occur in littered brown areas of the forest near the nettle thickets. Because of this golovushku gray in some regions called a wren. This fungus can form witch rings. From other relatives it can be distinguished by a gray-ashen fruiting body and only for it by a characteristic form. This fungus is common in Primorsky Krai, Siberia and throughout the European part of Russia. Govorushku gray must be able to distinguish from entoloma poisonous.

Smoke grinder gray
Culinary characteristics and safety

Govorushku gray eaten everywhere. However, its palatability leaves much to be desired. It should also be remembered that not all people tolerate this fungus well. Some dishes from golovrushki can cause allergic reactions. Before consumption, it should be boiled (3-5 minutes). Eat this mushroom in a salted and fried form.

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