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Soapy ranks: it's better not to collect

Among the many objects that attractattention of lovers of "quiet hunting", there is a whole family of mushrooms, called ryadovkami. In total, there are about two dozen edible (and very good to taste) varieties. However, they do not include a soapy soap that inexperienced mushroom pickers can mistake by mistake in a basket and later regret it. "Enemy" you need to know in person! Or be able to determine by smell. Therefore we read further!


Mushroom soap rowing: description

Purely externally, the forest finds itself quiteseductive. Her hat can reach a diameter of a dozen centimeters - a real giant. Color soap column has a very diverse. Most often - white-gray with a slight greenish tinge. However, the color palette is very wide, it is not difficult to stumble upon a "soap box" with a dark gray, almost black hat. In this case, to its edge, the color becomes slightly lighter.

Soap ranks are mushrooms, their hats are smooth,with a matt tint, although especially large specimens may have a scaly, fractured or felted structure. In this case, the young mushroom has a flat edge of the cap, and with age, it begins to acquire a ripple.

The middle of the hat of the ryadovka soap bar is thick andfleshy, edges can be called sharp, plates either white, or with yellowish tint, rare and thin. Pulp has a whitish color, if damaged slowly reddens.

The leg is pale, sometimes covered with dark scales. Most often it has a cylindrical shape, but in some cases it can expand downwards.

Place and time of growth

Soap-room soap - mushroom is very common and,so to speak, long-lived. The first copies appear in the middle - end of August, come across in the last days of October. And the harvest is abundant. Sandwich soils are preferred to the street, they are "friendly" with pines and spruce, so they grow in coniferous, at least mixed forests with a predominance of conifers.

 soap mushrooms soap

About edibility

Frankly the poisonous soap bubble will be callednot fair. It is almost impossible to poison her with death. But the fungus has an unpleasant feature: it distinctly and brightly smells of household soap. Moreover, the Soviet era. That's why it's considered inedible soap bubble. The recipe for its preparation still exists: to cook only with other, more pleasant gifts of the forest, in a common pile to lay in small quantities, and before salting to cook in three or four waters, mercilessly draining them.

ryadovka soap recipe

However, it helps a little. Soap "fragrance" is too stable. Some mushroom pickers are even sure that when cooking, it only intensifies.

In addition, there is evidence that the flesh itself tastes bitter. Partially it is eliminated during cooking. But, accompanied by a distinct flavor, eating mushrooms is still not a pleasure.

Signs of an overdose

If soapy soap barbers eat too much,nausea and vomiting are provided to you. It is better to wander through the forest longer and look for more cute and safe mushrooms. Eating "soap-boxes" makes sense only when surviving in the wild by lost tourists. In more civilized conditions mushroom pickers ignore this species.

mushroom soap

Alternative use

But from the point of view of medicine and pharmacology, mushroomssoap ranks have very interesting and promising properties. Studies have shown that their pulp contains a number of polysaccharides exhibiting antitumor properties. There is evidence that the sarcoma extract of the soap series is suppressed by 70 percent, and Ehrlich's carcinoma by 60 percent.

In addition, the soapy row, as it turned out,is capable of exerting powerful antioxidant effects and resisting some pathogenic bacteria. So, maybe, the fungus will find its application in official medicine.

The main thing is not to mix up

When you meet with a soapy guy, you should notimmediately turn away. Inexperienced mushroom pickers often confuse quite edible species of the genus with it. Moreover, soap smell is not felt by all (in any case, before the mushroom is cooked). This especially applies to beginners, whose sense of smell is dulled due to addiction to tobacco or colds.

Conditionally edible brown ryadovka very similar tosoap and color, and external outlines. And then it remains to be guided by the smell, which is more pronounced when the cap breaks. If it smells of mushrooms, put it safely into the basket.

A completely edible gray streaky series with a pretty strong resemblance to the soap is decorated on the hat with dark streaks of radial direction, clearly visible when viewed closely.

If you still doubt the quality of the prey,collected on a "quiet hunt", make a close acquaintance with experienced mushroom pickers. They not only "fly" will determine which of the found ryadovok refers to soap, but will find other suspicious copies among the contents of your basket.

Successful "hunting" for you and no mistakes when collecting mushrooms!

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