/ The coat of arms of Lipetsk and the flag. History and description of urban symbols

The coat of arms of Lipetsk and the flag. History and description of urban symbols

Lipetsk is a big and beautiful city in the central part of European Russia. In this article we will talk about the main symbols of this city. What does the coat of arms and the flag of Lipetsk look like?

Lipetsk: a short biography of the city

Lipetsk dates back to the 17th century. Today it is a large city with a population of 500 thousand people, located 450 km from the capital of Russia.

coat of arms Lipetsk

In place of modern Lipetsk still in pre-Mongoltimes there was a powerful Slavic fortification. Almost from all sides it was surrounded by steep slopes. From this settlement to this day only a fragment of the bulk defensive shaft was preserved.

In the first half of the XVII century on the site of the futurea small town appears the village of Malye Studenki Lipskie. After nearly a century, Peter I issued a decree on the construction of cast iron factories on this site. It was they who later supplied the Russian army during the Northern War. Therefore, the year of foundation of the city is considered to be 1703.

The status of the city of Lipetsk was received only in 1779 from Catherine II. Then there lived just over six thousand people.

As for the name of the city, here everythingextremely simple and obvious. It comes from the name of the local river Lipovka. That, in turn, is named so because in this locality has long been growing a lot of limes.

coat of arms of Lipetsk

In August 1781, the very first coat of arms of Lipetsk was established. And the spreading linden tree was present on it already then.

Lipetsk coat of arms: description and symbols

One of the main and official symbols of Lipetsk is its coat of arms. It is based on a French quadrangular shield with a traditional sharpening in the lower part.

The coat of arms depicts a lime tree (withasymmetrical crown), which grows on a natural, slightly convex hill. And the leaves on the tree, and the grass on this hill - the same emerald color. The very same coat of arms is depicted on a golden background.

Four authors worked collectively on the main symbol of the city. This is M. Medvedev, L. Kurakova, R. Pasynkov and B. Shalnev. The modern coat of arms of the city of Lipetsk was officially established in October 1996.

In the semantics of the emblem, the main figure is the lime tree. The image of a tree in itself always symbolizes prosperity, wisdom, agreement and mutual understanding. But it is specifically a lime tree - it is also a symbol of benevolence, warmth and cordiality. Thus, Lipetsk, through its arms, as it were, invites everyone to their warm and hospitable embrace.

coat of arms Lipetsk Description

Long ago Lipa was a close friend for man. She sheltered people from the weather, gave them dishes and shoes, musical instruments. The tree has always helped to strengthen the health of the Russian people. Healing properties of linden honey, as well as tea from the flowers of this tree is very difficult to overestimate.

That is why the lime tree on the coat of arms of the city of Lipetsk is not represented by chance.

Lipetsk's coat of arms: history

As mentioned above, the very first optionThe city coat of arms was approved in the distant 1781. And it was then that Lipetsk got its main symbol - linden. In the upper part of the emblem of that editorial office was the Tambov emblem (after all, the city was then part of the Tambov vicegerency). And in the lower part was a sprawling linden tree on a gold background.

It is interesting that in Soviet times theThe Russian empire was practically not used. Although officially it was not canceled. It turned out that the city of Lipetsk did not have its own symbol at all. At the same time, Soviet ideologists did not cease to repeat that Lipetsk was no longer the one that produced many industrial plants, and therefore the old coat of arms simply can not adequately reflect the identity of the city.

Nevertheless in 1968 the newthe coat of arms of Lipetsk: it showed a gear, a ladle pouring steel, and ears of golden wheat. Of course, with such a "filling" the main symbol of the city lost its face and its uniqueness.

Fortunately, in 1996 the city was returned to himthe original coat of arms. With only one difference - it lacked the Tambov symbols. Nevertheless, some local historians suggest somehow emphasize the historical relationship of Lipetsk with this region, depicting on the arms around the lime tree and three Tambov bees.

The flag of the city of Lipetsk

The official flag of the city is almost the same as its coat of arms. Above him worked the same team of authors.

coat of arms and the flag of Lipetsk

The flag of Lipetsk is a classicrectangular panel of standard sizes (2: 3). On its golden background, the very lime tree of a gently emerald color is depicted. At the same time, the height of the linden is 70% of the total width of the canvas.

When analyzing the Lipetsk flag, special attention is paid togive it a color design. So, emerald color symbolizes spring awakening, nature and hope. The golden background of the canvas is the color of the sun, joy, wealth and fertility.


The toponym "Lipetsk", obviously, comes from the name of a beautiful tree of lime, which is often found in this region of the country. And it is on the coat of arms and the flag of this city.

The coat of arms of Lipetsk is quite unusual. The classical French shield depicts a linden tree with emerald foliage. Lipa in heraldic science personifies, in fact, life itself. It is a symbol of warmth and goodwill. In general, this is exactly what this sunny and cheerful city looks like.

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