/ / Psilotsibe polulantetovidnaya: description and habitat

Psilotsibe polulantetovidnaya: description and habitat

A very interesting fungus is psilocyibesemilancet-like. Where he grows, he is interested in many fans of psychedelic sensations. In the people this fungus is also called a cap of freedom, a cheerful woman and a sharp conical bald spot. Psilotsibe polulantetovidnaya belongs to the family of Strophariens. The macromycete contains substances such as psilocin and psilocybin. They have a psychoactive effect, so the fungus is hallucinogenic and inedible.

Psilotsibe polancantseotovidnaya

Psilotsibe polulantetovidnaya has a hatconical shape with a characteristic tubercle at the tip. Its diameter does not exceed 2 cm. The edges are always bent inward, although adult specimens with a flattened hat meet, but this is an exception, not a rule. In wet weather, it is olive-gray and streaky, and when it dries it becomes creamy. The strokes disappear. The color of the macromycete cap can vary over a wide range of tones. Interestingly, even with a number of growing specimens, shades can be from beige to dark brown. Coloring depends on a number of reasons: type of soil, weather, humidity, concomitant vegetation, etc. If damaged, turns blue. The cap has a smooth and glossy surface. Peel is relatively easy to remove (especially in young mushrooms).

Psilotsibe polulantetovidnaya where it grows
Semilancetovidnaya psilotsibe has olive-grayor light plates, which eventually become black with a purple hue. The flesh at it smells as a mildew and can be all cream and light shades. Spores macromycete are purplish-black. The height of the stem is up to 7 cm, the diameter is about 2 mm. In form, it is evenly thick with a seal in the base. The young mushrooms have a straight leg, and the old ones can flex. By color, it is somewhat lighter than the cap, at the base can have a bluish tinge. The surface of it can be finely chisel or smooth. The leg itself is flexible, strong, elastic, without a rim.


Psilotsibe polulancetovidnaya can grow in groupsseveral dozen copies or one by one. The fungus can be found in the grass cover of fields and meadows, on pastures for cattle, on vacant lots, in parks, on roadsides and paths. Prefers bumps, irrigated surfaces and wet places. A characteristic feature is that the fungus never grows on cultivated cultivated fields. Psilotsibe polulantetovidnaya has a symbiotic relationship with certain types of grasses. Fruits it from August to frost. The peak is in September-October. This macromycete is widely distributed in some regions of the northern part of the temperate zone.

Semilancetovidnaya psilocyibe

Psilotsibe polulancetovidnaya gives psychedeliceffect, affecting the central nervous system. The content of psilocybin in mushrooms from different regions may differ. After swallowing them on an empty stomach in a raw form, the effect comes in about 20 minutes and lasts 4-8 hours. Mushroom infusion begins to act much faster. It should be understood that the use of "hilarious people" can cause various mental abnormalities, partial, and sometimes complete irreversible loss of mind! It is especially not recommended to eat psilocybin fungi to overly sensitive individuals and people with suicidal tendencies.

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