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How to dress properly on the rink

Winter is a great time for those who loveactive recreation and winter sports. Now the opportunity to skate appeared almost everyone. Modern rollers open in every major city. And this kind of recreation is gaining increasing popularity. Skating is fond of people of all ages. Children who have barely learned to walk, happily come to the skating rink to get on skates. Holding the adult's hand, they make their first steps on the ice and become fans of this sport. Older people, when they come to the rink, feel younger and lose ten years.

When attending an ice rink, it is not necessary to be a professionalin this sport. You can simply slowly and smoothly sail over the smooth surface of the ice, giving your body a small physical load. Of course, before the first visit to the rink, the question arises: how to dress properly on the rink? Clothes should not impede movement and cause inconvenience. Remember that skating is a sporting holiday. Therefore, it is more preferable in this case to have a sporty style in clothes. But, at the same time, you need to dress so that you do not freeze. Choosing what to wear on a skating rink, give preference to easy, but at the same time warm things. It is better if they are made from natural fabrics. Pay special attention to the laundry. In this case, it is preferable to a thermal underwear. It will keep the heat well and absorb moisture. Skating is an active holiday, so the body will definitely sweat. Such underwear will allow the body to breathe, which will reduce the release of moisture.

How to dress on the ice rink to feelcomfortable? Very simple. No hard and uncomfortable things. Over the linen, put on a sweater and sports pants, not very wide. All this can be supplemented with a light, but warm sports jacket. In general, there are no special restrictions in clothes for skating. It can be jeans, shirts and even skirts. Everything depends on the person's personal preferences and how actively he plans to spend time on skates. For leisurely skating on the ice, any clothes that will not constrain movement will do. Therefore, when choosing how to get dressed for an ice rink, follow your taste and some general recommendations.

An important role is played by the skating rink itself. They are covered and open. If the skating rink is located in the open air, then it is necessary to dress according to the weather. The main thing is to find the best option, which will not allow to freeze, and will not interfere with enjoying the skating. Thinking about how to dress on an indoor skating rink, consider some features. The temperature on the covered rink is higher than on the street. In this place there is no wind and other weather phenomena. Therefore, you can not wear jackets and hats. But at the same time, do not think that you will become very hot. Do not forget that you will be on ice. You can wear a light sweater and not a very warm sports suit. When going to any rink, do not tie a too long scarf. This can lead to injury if it becomes entangled or catches on skates.

When choosing how to dress on an ice rink, do not forget aboutthe most important attribute - skates. Properly selected skates - this is the basic requirement. There are models that have a special insulated cover. They should be matched to fit and properly laced. Lacing has an important role. The leg should not be tied up in order not to disturb the blood circulation. If the skates are dressed correctly, then between them and the leg can not put a finger. Their wearing should not be discomforting.

Going to the rink, you need to take into account all the suggested tips. Then this kind of rest will bring pleasure and become a favorite occupation for a long time. Enjoy your skating!

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