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How to make hats with a veil by your own hands

Women at all times tried to diversifyhis image with the help of headdresses, which were selected for the outfit and the event at which they were supposed to be present. Of course, it is difficult to call a hat the subject of mass demand, but its connoisseurs always had excellent taste and light coquetry. Meanwhile, it is a unique accessory that can diversify any outfit and give it a touch of retro chic.

Among the huge variety of headgearwedding hats with a veil are allocated. It can be small cylinders, caps - pills, fur hats for winter weddings or abstract ornaments. A veil can, like covering his face, be on the back, imitating a veil. Its length depends solely on the preferences of the bride. Some fashion designers offer hats with a veil with their own hands, where the fabric is draped in a flower or some form. This option is suitable for a stylized wedding for cowboy themes, where the bride's headpiece is decorated with fresh flowers in combination with a thin lace veil.

If it's not about the wedding, but about some kind ofcostume event, where there is a strict dress code, you can create hats with a veil with your own hands. The easiest way is to decorate an already finished model. This will require a veil, threads, needles, glue for the fabric, rhinestones, sequins, beads, flowers. Creating such a thing, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of fabric. The veil should be made of a mesh that is distinguished by its hardness and transparency. If there are no active ornaments in addition to the veil, then you can choose your choice on an elegant lace, which you then need to starch. To create a hat with a veil with your own hands, the fabric is selected in one color, and the decorations should be in one tonality, but they may differ slightly. Tissue tape is folded so that small assemblies are obtained, then round off its edges with scissors. It is attached to the outer base of the hat with a thread and a needle. Stitches should be small and almost invisible. Since the seam will still be visible, it needs to be zadekorirovat. For this, a composition of beads, rhinestones, flowers, beads, etc. is made up. Here the choice of materials and the compositional solution depends solely on the imagination and skills of the author of the work. The simplest decor can be a band of sequins, on which rhinestones are attached at equal intervals. To create an image in the style of the Chicago musical to the base, you can attach a pen and decorate it with glossy black beads.

Another attribute of the retro style is the hata tablet with a veil, which can still be seen on the heads of courtiers of modern kingdoms. It's very easy to make such hats with a veil with your own hands. To do this, you need a piece of foam rubber with a thickness of not more than 2 cm, a fabric for the base, threads, needles, glue, scissors, a veil, items for decoration. A circle of the desired diameter is cut from the foam rubber. It cuts one radius. The disjoined parts are superimposed and sewn together so that a small cone is obtained. From the fabric for the base, the circumference is cut 3 cm more than the foam rubber blank and sewn onto it. Its edges must be sewn to the inside of the cone. Then you need to cut out the veil strip of the desired width and length, pick it up, round off the edges and fix it with a thread and a needle on top of the workpiece. At this stage, the hat is almost ready. Now you need to decorate the junction of the base and veil, using various elements for this. The success of this stage directly depends on the skills and imagination of the master who performs this work. The time of making each hat is not more than an hour, and the effect of appearance in it can remain in people's memory for many years.

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