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Gifts for a girl for 10 years

Often female friendship is not limitedschool and college days. Sometimes such acquaintances overcome distances in tens of years. Girlfriends get married, have children, build their families. And necessarily go to each other's friends to drink tea and gossip a little. After all, with whom else to discuss too picky boss at work, always scampering children and discounts on fashion collections of dresses in the nearest boutique, how not with such a beloved best friend? Sometimes there is so little free time that it's only possible to see each other for the holidays. For example, the birthday of children. Why not come to visit? But in this case, you can not get off with one cake and a bouquet of flowers. Especially when it comes to the daughter of years commercials 10. After all, little princesses at this age are already beginning to imitate their mother in full vengeance, and it's not so easy to decide on a present. Let's decide what to give the girl for 10 years.

First, you can always help the childrencosmetics. This is probably the most optimal option in our case. At this age, my daughter is already beginning to take an active interest in the contents of my mother's cosmetics and try to use it in every possible way. So, if you are looking for a gift for a girl of 10 years, then boldly acquire such a set. Lipstick in it does not contain persistent pigments, but mainly consists of natural oils and food colors. Therefore, you can not worry about the health of children's lips. Eau de toilette for girls also contains a minimum of chemical components and quickly erodes. Nail polish can be easily removed with ordinary warm water and soap.

However, when choosing such a cosmetics, beextremely attentive. Do not be stingy about the brand and get only proven products. Let it be somewhat more expensive, but the quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. After all, you can not risk the health of a child for any money. Buy cosmetics in specialized stores, where all the necessary storage conditions are created for it. Be sure to check the packaging for integrity and do not purchase an item that has already been opened. Pay attention to the expiration date. The fresher the gift, the less the risk of an allergic reaction.

What to give a girl for 10 years out of toys? Here the choice is really great, but there are a number of nuances. Do not buy a toy that is too impressive, as this is unlikely to be appreciated by the child's parents. Maybe it will simply have nowhere to put, and it will become an ordinary collection of dust and microscopic ticks. Yes, and play with such a gift girl is unlikely to be. Better look at dolls from the fashion series such as Bratz. These are very popular toys for girls at this age. In addition, among them there are options where the doll can create unusual hairstyles and makeup. Believe me, your girlfriend's daughter will be delighted when she receives such a toy as a present.

And now let's talk about the disadvantages of such a presentation. If you are looking for what to give a girl for 10 years, but do not want to spend on this case a tidy sum, then this option is not for you. After all, the widely advertised dolls of this brand are worth it as cheap. Although, you can always choose an analog. It will look very similar to the toy, and the price will be reduced at least twice. But in no case do not buy cheap Chinese products. Such products can be dangerous to the health of the child.

Do not know what to give the girl for 10 years? You will be helped by any accessories under the sign of Winx. This colorful animated series about the adventures of girl-wizards. Images of winged fairies in sparkling dresses can now be found almost everywhere. For example, on a set of bed linen, handbag or school supplies.

But in any case, before asking a questionabout what to give a child for 10 years, be sure to talk with his parents. Maybe they will significantly narrow your search, or even name a specific thing that their daughter has long dreamed of.

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