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With what to wear shorts for women

With the onset of warm days especially urgentbecomes such a popular wardrobe item, like shorts. They are not just convenient and practical, but they can also emphasize the beauty of the slender legs of their mistress. Shorts always remain fashionable. At the appearance they were considered clothes, exclusively intended for sports employment and beach rest, but have gradually passed the evolution to a subject of an everyday wardrobe. Therefore, the question becomes extremely important: "With what to wear shorts?".

Short shorts

With various fashion trends short shortsalways remain relevant, because they most favorably emphasize the length of the female legs. However, stylists repeatedly warn against blind imitation of popular fashion trends. They advise, first of all, to pick up a thing in which you will feel comfortable, not risking shocking others with a defiant vulgar appearance. Ideally, short shorts are sitting on thin, narrow-hipped girls with a figure like Kate Moss. But if your figure is more complete, then it's better to choose models that have a length to the knee (you can vary above or below the knee), for example Bermuda shorts for women. It is important to note the following nuance: if you have a large bust, but you prefer short shorts, then you should avoid the tops from the neck and t-shirts. Instead of these things, a closed slim jumper will work well.

Waist Shorts

Such a high-waist model does visuallymore slim silhouette and lengthens the figure, your appearance becomes at the same time seductive and more feminine. Before choosing what to wear shorts at the waist, it is important to determine their shape and structure. Fashion designers recommend choosing such products from streaming light fabrics, which give the whole appearance airiness. Very elegantly, many look shorts at the waist with a strap, they are perfectly combined with fitted tops and shirts. In this case, especially consider the choice of models with patch pockets, overly tight and short-balloons. These things can distort the aspect ratio of the figure and are therefore suitable for very few.

The latest fashion seasons were hit by jeans models, but they must be properly combined and listen to the recommendations of stylists, with what to wear denim shorts:

1.Very harmoniously, they are combined with a light metallic coat. You can add a bright note if you put on a top of some juicy shade, perhaps yellow or pink. Embroidery on shorts, even very plentiful, will not spoil the overall picture.

2.Always a win-win option is their combination with the skin, you can pick up the characteristic leather accessories - high boots, waistcoat, belt, bracelets. In such a kit, a leather hat does not hurt.

3.To blunt and dense fabric denim shorts blouses from translucent fabric, shirts and women's long T-shirts are very suitable. The effect of such a set is created precisely by the contrast of textures of various tissues. As accessories here fit hand-tied silk neck scarf in combination with bracelets.

4.A proven option for years, with which to wear denim shorts is a waistcoat. In addition, a knitted casually lightweight scarf and rubber or leather boots fit perfectly. Additionally, femininity can be emphasized by large plastic bracelets. In cool weather, dense tights or high golfs of the same color are suitable for such a set.

Of shoes to shorts are absolutely not suitable studs: high heels make this outfit vulgar. Here it is recommended to wear ankle boots and summer boots, sandals with a small heel, as well as clogs and ballet flats. Do not forget about the dress code when choosing sets of clothes with shorts. They can be safely put on a friendly party or for a club holiday, but not on a gala night. For everyday work clothes, they are suitable only in the costume version. And of course, in a business setting, ultra-short shorts are inappropriate.

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