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Sabot on the wedge will provide you with comfort

At once it is necessary to say that the clogs on the wedge -it's casual shoes. It is designed for girls who want to be slimmer and taller, but do not wear constantly high heels. It is comfortable shoes with an open heel, without a strap around the ankle. In the summer season, designers prepared a gift for everyone who loves these shoes. Sabot on the wedge promises to be the choice of very many fashionistas.

This kind of women's shoes has an ancient history. In ancient times, the Romans wore harsh clogs on wooden soles and put them on prisoners, tightly tying them to their feet, depriving the unfortunate opportunity to flee. In the sixteenth - seventeenth centuries, the sabot on the wedge was worn by French women of fashion, exclusively in slushy weather. Until the twentieth century because of its massiveness, this footwear was considered inappropriate for appearance in the light. In 1970, thanks to hippies, clogs become a permanent attribute of urban style.

Today, sabot feels rather confident inwomen's wardrobe. Particularly fond of the lovely ladies of the model on a high cork soles and on a wedge. They can make long walks, completely without feeling tired, while looking very stylish. The clogs on the wedge from the cork are absolutely weightless, they are not felt on the leg, despite their external massiveness and some

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bulkiness. Surely, you often had to see clogs on a wedge with a straw mat. Such models look simple, elegant and very at ease, in addition, incredibly trendy this season. That is why many eminent designers are happy to include them in their collections. It can be said with certainty that, no matter what material the wedge is made of, clogs on it are more comfortable and much easier than on heels or in sandals on a platform.

Quite often clogs on a wedge are made of breathable materials, which makes them even more pleasant to wear. On the hottest day in them it is very easy to overcome significant distances.

Designers do not restrict women in choosing colorsfavorite shoes. Today, models of bright, "acid" colors, and soft pastel shades are equally popular. Women have a unique opportunity to experiment themselves, choosing the right color.

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If you need a universal model, then youYou should buy sabot on a beige colored wedge. You can wear them with very different clothes. Even if your summer wardrobe is not devoid of black color, then you can also choose it.

In this season incredibly popular colors becamefuchsia, orange and rich green. If you manage to pick up clogs of this shade, it will make your favorite shoes even more stylish and versatile.

Most clogs look great with the lungssarafans, tunics and dresses. Especially spectacular clogs on a high wedge look with various textile shorts, which this season designers offer very much. Clogs are not very suitable for trousers - it is possible to combine only with leggings, jeggins and treggins. All other models require a heel.

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