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How to measure the waist correctly: the secrets of professionals

Every woman regularly facesthe need to take measurements, so he asks himself - how to measure the waist volume correctly? It is also necessary to know your parameters precisely in order to be sure of the effectiveness of exercise, to be able to monitor the effectiveness of the diet, to correctly determine the appropriate model in the online store of imported clothing and, of course, to order and sew an exclusive outfit.

The subtleties of choosing clothes

How to measure the size of the waist, knows eachprofessional dressmaker. There are no secrets and secrets, you just need to take into account the characteristics of your physique and do not try to gloss over the final result. Simple techniques used by professionals will teach you how to properly take any measurements.

how to measure the waist

To get the correct data, to measure the volumesneed to prepare. The first secret lies in the competent selection of underwear. If you are planning to sew or purchase a smart dress, it is extremely important to wear exactly the clothes and tights that you usually wear most of the time. After all, perfectly seated underwear and quality tights with a high waistline form a silhouette and, in some cases, significantly adjust the volume.

Features of the choice of shoes

The next trick is thatIt is necessary to pay close attention to the shoes that you usually wear. If the volumes are measured for sewing some outfit, then it is necessary to take measurements in those shoes with which it will be worn. This advice on how to measure the waist correctly is a simple explanation: any footwear forms a posture.

Standing on his heels, you involuntarily redistributeyour weight, step carefully, try to keep your back straight and involuntarily tighten your abdomen, which means you remove excess centimeters at the waist. On a flat, comfortable sole, everyone feels more confident, relaxed, without hesitation, relaxes the muscles, which means they can also release an extra centimeter on the belt.

Determining the measuring point

Any experienced seamstress knows exactly how to measurewaist. Before taking measurements, it is necessary to tie at the thinnest point of the trunk cord, string, ribbon or string. They are tied fairly tightly, but at the same time there should be a small gap, about a finger in width.

 how to measure the waist correctly

With a tied tape you need to move a little,she should not bite into the body or restrain movement. If taking measurements is done to sew a new outfit, it is important to remember that it will have to breathe, move, sit, visit public places and, possibly, fill the stomach with delicious food. In a state of rest in different poses, when moving, the muscles are also mobile and change their volume a little. It should be noted that even in a luxurious, but tightly tight dress, blood circulation or breathing difficulties can be disturbed. Choosing the beauty and grace of volumes, do not forget about your health and comfort.

How to behave during measurements

During the removal of the measurement, it should be based onBoth legs, slightly spreading their feet and evenly distributing their weight between them. You can not lean on one leg and set the other aside. It is necessary to stand straight, straight, while observing the natural position of the body. Do not pull your stomach too far, picture your chest forward, and your hips back. At the time of taking measurements, there is no need to impress anyone and choose model poses. If you are not sure that you have taken the right posture, do not listen to other people's advice about how to measure your waist. To get the right result, you just need to be yourself.

how to measure the waist

Now you already know how to measurewaist, and, therefore, you can proceed to this important event: centimeter tape should follow a tied belt or lace. Do not give in to temptation: to try to reduce the volume and draw in the belly. Be guided by considerations of beauty and convenience. After all, a dress, sewn or matched according to incorrectly measured standards, will not sit well, gather on the sides and back with ugly folds. Unfortunately, this obvious fact will not escape from the eyes of others.

how to measure the waist size

If you know exactly how to measure your waist, anddo it right, no one except a dressmaker or a clothing store manager will know your volumes. But the disparity in the size of clothing will become common property. In addition, the dress picked up incorrectly, has a treacherous property of adding extra, not even existing in reality, centimeters and kilograms.

Therefore, taking measurements, just do not cheatyourself. However, you can and even need to slightly deceive others about your size and shape, properly removing the measurements and flawlessly picking up the outfits. It is also permissible and recommended to enchant, bewitch and fall in love!

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