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Plastron - what is it? How to sew a plastron with your own hands?

For many men, a tie is not easyaccessory to a business suit. This is a tool for self-expression, which helps make the image unique. And it's quite simple, especially as today the choice of tie models is simply huge.

In this article we will consider in detail such a stylishaccessory, as plastron. What is it, how to wear it properly and how to learn how to tie it? To create a pattern and sew a tie the simple recommendations offered below will help you.

Plastron - what is it?

Among all the variety of models of tiesidentify those that can be worn at least every day, and others, designed for particularly solemn occasions. The second group of ties includes plastron. What it is?

plastron what is it
Plastron is a wide tie that coversneck and a large part of the chest. The model has wide sharp edges and a narrower middle that hides under the collar of the shirt. A plastron is made of light or heavy silk, usually black, white, gray, red, and other colors.

History of appearance of plastron

Plastron as a kind of wide tie appeared inthe middle of the XIX century. At this time, such a fashion accessory has become widespread among English dandies. What does "plastron" mean? This is the French name for the tie, which originated from the English word "ascot". In England, Ascot is the name of the locality in the county of Berkshire, where the famous Royal horse races were held.

what is a plastron
Plastron is called the precursor of the moderntie. It appeared in England in about the XIX century and outwardly resembled a narrow strip of fabric on the neck with wide acute edges. The ends of the tie were bent in half, and the junction was joined with a special pin or a brooch. They sewed it from a special heavy silk with a decorative pattern. Wore a plastron with a business card - a kind of a man's suit with long semicircular floors. Fastened the tie directly to the shirt, using for this purpose not less than 12 pins. Especially popular business cards were in the XIX-XX century, that is, at the same time, when plastron.

What is it in modern fashion? It's the same wide tie, but today the plastron is fastened directly to the shirt and fixed at the base of the neck with a brooch or pin.

With what to wear a plastron

Plastron does not lose its popularity even today. In Western countries, especially in the UK, such a tie is still a must-have wedding accessory, which is still successfully combined with a business card, dress coat or classic costume.

tie plastron
Banquets, balls, weddings, theatrical premieres,exhibitions, awards and other celebrations - these are the places where you need to wear a suit with a plastron. This version of the tie is not suitable for everyday wear. In the office environment, he looks too elegant and even pretentious.

Ways to tie a tie

what does plastron mean?

The classical plastron with wide acute ends and a narrow middle is tied in the following manner and in this order:

  1. Wrap the necktie around the neck in such a way that its wide ends hang down from the front.
  2. Tie the edges of the plastron into a regular knot.
  3. Raise the upper end and connect it with a three-dimensionalnode with a second end. In this case, you do not need to tighten the node. Thus, the ends of the plastron are joined by two nodes, one of which performs a practical function, and the other - a decorative one.
  4. Free tie ends need to be neatcross, and then fix them with a pin at the base of the neck. You can use a beautiful brooch, decorated with stones and emphasizing the solemnity of the event, which is worn by this tie.

Plastron, tied in this way, perfectly retains its shape throughout the day. You do not have to worry that he will be untied during gay wedding dances.

Plastron: tie your own hands

A stylish plastron can be sewn by hand,using a very simple pattern. When cutting, the fabric is folded in half, a drawing is attached to the fold line, which is outlined along the contour. In this case, allowance should be made for seam allowances in the places where they are provided.

plastron pattern
When constructing a pattern,horizontal line (when cutting it will be located perpendicular to the fold of the fabric). To the left of it, it is necessary to postpone the value of the circumference of the neck with an addition (usually 3 cm). To the right of the horizontal, the shape and width of the plastron (20 cm) should be indicated. Do not forget about seam allowances. The width of each end of the tie is 10 cm, the length is 30-32 cm. The length of the article can be even larger than the pattern provided. Finally adjust it can already be on the fitting.

How to Sew a Plaster itself

For plastron traditionally choose a fabric"silk duchesse." It is a dense material with a perfectly smooth, silky surface. Products from it look elegant and expensive. But when working with this fabric, inexperienced craftsmen often have difficulties, because the material slips and it is difficult to achieve a clear fit to the pattern when cutting.

To make the plastron dense and hold the shape well,when sewing, a doubler is used. It is glued with an iron to the main fabric. In the process of work, it is necessary to properly press the seam allowances so that they can easily be hidden inside.

What is plastron, how to wear it and how to build a pattern, you now understand. It remains only to buy a suitable silk fabric and start sewing this elegant and stylish accessory.

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