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Slimming Lifting Shorts. Customer feedback on products

Any woman wants to have an ideal figure,which will allow to wear clothes, designed to emphasize its dignity. But what should I do if I'm still a long way from perfection? To wear shapeless hoodies? No! Modern manufacturers offer pulling shorts "Slim lift". Reviews of this underwear indicate instant correction of the figure at once to several sizes.


pulling shorts slim lift reviews

Why do we need Slim lift shorts? The reviews of numerous buyers confirm that this is linen:

- gives slender thighs;
- makes the buttocks tightened;
- allows you to eliminate the fat folds on the abdomen;
- helps to reduce the waist;
- It hides cellulite.

As you can see, the product has a lot of advantages. In any situation, you will not let slip-up shorts Slim lift. Customer reviews confirm this fact. This is possible due to the fact that the corrective underwear is absolutely imperceptible under the clothes, does not slide down and does not create wrinkles in the waist area. In order to more securely fix the shorts on the body, they provide comfortable straps.


Especially popular among buyers arepulling shorts "Slim lift". Reviews about this model speak of its undeniable advantages. One of them is a complete lack of seams on the laundry. This will allow you to wear Slim Lift pull-down shorts, even under tight, thin clothes. No one will notice the corrective underwear. In addition, the shorts have a stylish modern design. This fact also speaks in favor of the laundry.

slim and lift shorts

Slimming and Lifting Slings are made ofThe fabric, which was based on innovative developments. This allowed to achieve a unique air permeability and fineness of corrective linen. The peculiarity of the fabric allows you to wear corrective shorts of this model for a whole day without any discomfort. Women, putting on this corrective underwear, compare it with the second skin, which does not interfere with movements and choice of clothes.

In different zones of pulling shortsdifferent density of microfibers. This is another advantage of this laundry. Shorts create an ideal body contour, and the transition from a denser zone to a less dense one is absolutely not felt.

The advantage of this model of corrective linen is the convenience of wearing it. So, you can forget about shorts. You do not have to control the position of the laundry.

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Materials for drawing shorts

In the production of this model of corrective linen, we use elastane and microfibrous nylon. In order to create a different density zone, these materials combine.

Microfiber nylon is 77%, and elastane- 23% of the product. In addition, elastic and dense ribbons with a high nylon content (89%) are used for sewing. In lace and decoration of this component, even more (90%).

What should I look for when buying?

Buying pulling underwear, it is important to accuratelypick up your size. If correcting shorts to buy are too small, then the waist from it will not look more beautiful. The fat will then move down or up.

Look at such a figure will be unaesthetic. In addition, a small size will impede blood circulation and breathing. Linen should be chosen in such a way that it draws, rather than crushing or squeezing. If a woman, wearing pulling shorts, feels comfortable and her movements are not constrained by anything, therefore, everything is in order.

How to choose the right size?

Suitable shorts will perfectly sit down and allowhide the existing shortcomings of the figure. In this case, all the advantages will be emphasized. Shorts "Slim and Lift Air" should be worn slowly, straightening all the irregularities that occur. After that, from the knees to the breast, the woman will not have a single wrinkle.

pulling shorts

To find the size you will need to measure the girth of your hips. Suppose that it is in the range from 71 to 86 cm. In that case, you will need to buy the size S. Let's give the dimensional grid:

- 78-92 cm-M;
- 83-101 cm - L;
- 89-110 cm - XL;
- 103-124 cm - XXL;
- 124-148 cm - XXXL.

Having put on shorts of the correct size, you can see how in one moment the figure improves. These minor tricks will help a woman look graceful and graceful.

Features of cut

For "Slim and lift" laundry a uniquemanufacturing technology. The cut is made in the form of a ribbed double line. This allows you to raise in a few minutes the buttocks, make them ideal and create the appearance of amazing elegant thighs. Creation of a magnificent figure is made with the help of special retaining strips. Unlike other models, "Slim and lift" underwear adjusts not only the outer but also the inside of the thighs.

Stretching shorts are fantastic doing anyshape. Their good landing hides all existing defects. Triangular shorts are designed to create the illusion of an ideal press and a flat belly.

Where to buy corrective shorts?

With "Slim and lift" underwear, any woman will look thinner by five to nine kilograms. This clothing will need one or three sizes smaller.

slim lift shorts
Buy pull-down shorts "Slim lift" can be inonline store. To do this, you need to decide on the appropriate size and make an order. As soon as possible, a useful acquisition will be delivered to the specified address. It is worth saying that the laundry is sold in a set of two. In each package there are shorts of black and beige. This will allow you to wear your favorite jeans, as well as evening dresses and tight skirts of any tone. And for this you will not need to sit on exhausting diets and engage in tedious physical exercises.

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