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Footwear Rieker: reviews, dimensional grid, addresses of shops

Rieker shoes are designed for people who appreciate comfort and care about their own health. All kinds of shoes perfectly combine sporting characteristics and orthopedic.

History of the brand Rieker

In 1874 the enterprise of Henryk Riker and hisa friend of Karl Zeitz began to produce shoes for wealthy Italians. Usually such stories begin with the fact that a tiny company has gradually developed over the years. At the company of Riker and Seitz, everything was different. From the very beginning, it was recruited 600 people, and the shoes immediately fell in love with customers.

To spread the brand across Europe, the company took two decades. Shoes Rieker confirmed that "German quality" is not an empty ring.

In the twentieth century, the enterprise was actively growing, opening production in Europe. In the US and Canada, the brand was widely spread in the 80s, which allowed it to reach a new level.

From that time to the present day the companymakes orientation for shoes, which is comfortable and joyful to wear. Fans of the brand Rieker today live throughout the world. The main production is located in Germany, and all models are developed in Switzerland.

Throughout the 20th century, the company washeritage to children, and later to Henry's grandchildren. Even after a century and a half, its direct descendants still control it. The company Rieker was and still remains a family affair, which makes it possible to adhere to the old traditions of creating luxury shoes.

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Today the number of employees of the company is more than 12thousands of people. The main office is located on the Swiss territory, and the exhibition showroom is based in Germany. The company has at its disposal five industrial plants around the world, namely: in Romania, Moldova, Morocco, Slovakia, Tunisia and Vietnam. There are also three design centers and 15 industrial points of sale. In addition, Rieker supplies footwear and various accessories to 7,500 retail centers in Europe, the countries of Asia and the United States of America.

What is special about Rieker brand?

In the manufacture of all types of footwear, anti-stress technology is applied, it consists of the following:

  • Weightlessness.
  • Plastic.
  • Capacity.
  • Shock resistance.
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Any model is easier than similar shoes of another brand. This indicator is achieved due to the use of carefully crafted leather, velor and suede material.

For the manufacture of the lower part applythermoplastic elastomers, which is why the feet in Rieker shoes do not get tired even after the end of a hard and stressful day. Elastic sole perfectly combined with anatomically correct comfortable shoe. In addition, on all models of Rieker shoes, without exception, the soles are equipped with a system for absorbing the impacts of the foot at the time of walking. This is called the famous concept of Antistress (protection of the legs from tension), which was patented by the brand Rieker.

Owners of legs with non-standard completeness and that,who spend a lot of time standing up, like shoes with a wide toe section and the presence of a large size range. Products from the brand Rieker has a preventive effect on the feet and reduces the burden on the spine and leg joints. The range includes models for all seasons and for different occasions.

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Children's shoes

It is obvious that the development of children's modelsit is necessary to pay special attention, since from the birth of the baby's foot is formed. Shoes for children Rieker is an ideal collection, which includes many advantages. Comfortable, beautiful, and, most importantly, high-quality Rieker children's footwear is the perfect choice! A rather important addition to the brand's pluses is the use of an orthopedic insole and a polyurethane sole of the highest quality, affecting the formation of healthy legs in children and giving confidence and ease to the gait.

Children's shoes Rieker designed in accordance withinstructions of orthopedists and psychologists. It provides for all the anatomical features of the formation of the foot of the child and, if necessary, can correct certain imperfections (for example, inclination to flat feet).

Production technologies and materials

The strength of the Rieker brand is its lightness,airiness and a sense of increased comfort. Since the launch, only one line of shoes with the "Antistress" system has been produced, but today the entire range is anti-stress, every detail is taken into account:

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  • Productivity of the sole for bending. All classic shoe patterns, not just moccasins, have a docile, flexible sole, which exactly repeats the movement of the foot.
  • Elasticity of the sole. All kinds of Rieker shoes are not just the contents of the dressing room, but also a healing remedy. They softly amortize, thereby reducing the pressure on the foot at times of prolonged walking or standing.
  • The weight. Shoes are easier than similar models of other brands.
  • Landing. Shoes manufacturer Rieker suitable for people with non-standard fullness of the foot.
  • Reliability of landing. In each pair a backrest is provided, which firmly fixes the heel.
  • Comfort while wearing. The top of the shoe is made of natural breathable materials (velor, suede and leather).
  • Wear resistance. Thanks to the sole made of thermoplastic elastomers, and with particular care to the selected top material used, the footwear is worn for a long time.

German brand Rieker makes shoes for yourhealth, reducing the burden on the spine, leg joints and gives ease to the gait. In addition, manufacturers take care of external attractiveness. Assortment Rieker - it's good taste, fashionable and current models, thought out to trifles, real perfection.

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Women's shoes

Every buyer will find a decent pair!

Summer Women's Shoes Rieker: sandals, moccasins, shoes, - attract a refined form and extraordinary finish. The combination of different colors and textures, the "patchwork" effect, special polytonal colors - all this determines female models.

Winter / Autumn for women is trendy, reliable andweightless Rieker shoes. Boots, boots and low shoes will please you no season. They do not lose their relevance over time, because the idea of ​​good taste is not obsolete.

Men's footwear

Men's summer shoes. Lightweight semi-sport shoes, shoes and moccasins Rieker impress not only comfort, but also design solutions. Any pair has its own flavor, even seemingly banal classic shoes. The collection features a wide variety of sports designs, which look very respectable.

Men's autumn and winter shoes Rieker (boots,men's shoes and shoes) pleases customers with their diversity. Bright elements of cut, the effect of rubbing, inviting leather, deep saturated color - all this highlights the men's series of the brand Rieker.

The design of the German manufacturer's shoes,we recognize - even the most stylish detail here fits neatly into the view of comfort. This is the beauty that is not morally obsolete. To buy Rieker shoes, the price of which is available to everyone, means to make a successful investment.

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Shoe size table

At Rieker the dimensional grid of footwear has habitualEuropean marking. Typically, the entire line is full-length, with the expectation that the human foot during the day is slightly widened. Once determined by the size of the shoes of this brand, you will no longer have problems.

Ratio of foot length and shoe sizes Riekel
Women's shoes
Rieker35th35.536thThe 37th37.538th38.539th40th40.541st
Foot length22 centimeters22.5 cm23 centimeters23.5 centimeters24cm24.5 cm25 centimeters25.2 centimeters25.5 cm26 centimeters26.5 centimeters
Men's footwear
Rieker40th40.541st41.542nd43.544th44.5The 45th45.546
Foot length25.2 centimeters25.5 cm26 centimeters26.5 centimeters27 centimeters27.5 centimeters28 centimeters28.2 centimeters28.5 cm29 centimeters29.5 centimeters

Where to buy Rieker shoes

A wide range is presented in the brandedshops, at specialized points, as well as in the World Network there are Rieker shoes. The online store is a great opportunity to become the owner of a Swiss-made product for those who do not have access to the real Rieker store.

Founded more than 30 years ago, the company wonrespect and popularity in the world market of the footwear industry, all thanks to the latest developments and classic design in the creation of footwear for men, women and children.

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Therefore, if you are in search of a comfortable,quality footwear at affordable prices, Rieker brand models are designed specifically for you: energetic, motivated, dynamic, stylish and active people.

Addresses of shops in Moscow

German shoes Rieker (shops in Moscow) addresses have the following:

  • Kirovograd street, 14.
  • MKAD 84 km, ow. 3 page 1.
  • The highway Rublyovskoye, 62.
  • Lines of the October Railway, 1 p. 4.
  • Vavilov St., 3.
  • Ground Val Str., 39.
  • Zelenograd, room 1550.
  • Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya Str., 1.
  • Walnut Boulevard ul., 15.
  • Dmitrovskoe shosse str., D. 163A.
  • Dmitrovskoye Shosse st., 89.
  • Andropov Prospect Street., 8.
  • Zeleny Prospekt ul., D. 5/12 page. 1.
  • Festival st., 2b.
  • Upper Krasnoselskaya Str., 3A.
  • Mitinskaya Street, 36, building 1.

Addresses of shops in the suburbs

  • Golitsyno, Petrovskoye Shosse Str., 3/5 p. 2.
  • Mytischi, the Communist st., 1.
  • Istra, Adasko ul, d. 9.
  • Noginsk, 3 International of the street, 62.
  • Zhukovsky, Frunze Str., 5.
  • Lobnya, Lenin Str., 23, building 3.
  • Golitsino, Petrovskoye Shosse str., 5.
  • Mytischi, Mira str., p. 51.
  • Fryazino, Mira prospect, 18.
  • city ​​of Zhukovsky, st. Dugin, 2A.
  • Selyatino (Naro-Fominsk district), Hospital st., 117B.
  • Mytischi, Ostashkovskoye Highway, 1.
  • Lyubertsy, VUGI settlement, 9.
  • Lyubertsy, Volkovskaya Str., 9.
  • Korolev, Kosmonavtov Prospect Street, 20a.
  • Balashikha, Sovetskaya str., 9.

Addresses of shops in Saint Petersburg

  • Zagorodny prospect, 42.
  • ul. Ivanovskaya, house 13.
  • Kolomyazhsky Ave., 20.
  • ul. Cash, 35 k. 1.
  • Finnish perch, 5 / st. Komsomol, d. 47g.
  • Metalistov Avenue, 89.
  • ul. Babushkina, d. 9.
  • ul. Torzhkovskaya, 1.
  • Nevsky prospect, 95.
  • Zanevsky prospect, 10.
  • ul. Narodnaya, house 16.
  • Bolshoy prospectus PS, d. 29/2 lit. A.
  • Nevsky Prospekt, 77 / ul. Pushkinskaya Str. 1.
  • Vladimirsky Prospekt, 18 / ul. The Bells, 2.
  • ul. Gorokhovaya Street, 45.
  • Zagorodny prospect, 5.

Also sell shoes Rieker online stores.

Rieker: customer reviews

What do customers say about Rieker shoes? Reviews about it are as follows.

This footwear is positioned as a comfortable andcomfortable. Ideal for older people who have articular deformities on the feet, in other words "bones". Virtually all models for women on a wedge or on a low graceful heel. If you take the product in hand, it becomes clear how weightless it is, and the skin itself is rather thin and plastic. But it is necessary to take into account that too thin material wears out faster and can get wet.

Not all samples of Rieker shoes latelyare made from genuine leather, there are models sewn from leatherette, so it is recommended to specify what the product made from the seller-consultant, who should know about it. Also, all the information is on the packaging.

Mostly on Rieker shoes reviews are positive. As many people notice, the models are quite comfortable. But about Rieker reviews are met and negative. The main fans of the company are older and older people, not all models suit young people.

Studying the statistics on special portals, it is evident that the percentage of marriage (return) for Rieker shoes is quite large, but not exceeding the established rate.

It is very important to understand that brand productsare made in different countries, despite the fact that it is positioned as German. The head office is based in Switzerland, the Rieker exhibition store in Germany, and the shoe manufacturing enterprises are scattered around the world - in Morocco, Moldova, Tunisia, Romania, Slovakia, Vietnam.

Rieker brand shoes are sufficientlyComfortable to wear, but not completely practical, as it is more suitable for dry weather. Sales consultants and unfailing customers are aware of this feature. So, if you follow the recommendations for a sock, you can go with comfort for several seasons.

Separately, I want to mention the line "anti-stress". This shoe, apart from a comfortable anatomical pad, is equipped with a weightless insole. Thanks to this you get the impression that you are wearing soft slippers.

Some models on heels (classic)have a built-in shock absorber and when walking, reduce the load on the heel and spine. All shoes are in line and recommended simply to use shoe wax (walk along the seam line).

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