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Qualitative business style clothes for girls

Two-thirds of his life is a modern womanforced to spend at work. Young girls start their career very early. Quite often it happens before the end of the university. That's why business style clothing for girls is very important. Such outfits have an indisputable advantage - despite the moody fashion, they are always relevant. On how competently a girl can imagine this style, emphasize her dignity, show herself, in many respects will depend on her success in business and spiritual comfort.

A bit of history

business style clothing for girls
It's hard to believe, but back in the nineteenthcentury business style clothing for girls was condemned by the public. Her lot was supposed to be only a family. But historically it happened that a fragile woman was destined to take a place near the man at the production. The consequences of two cruel world wars made beautiful women working hard for the good of the country, raising it from the ruins. There was a need for comfortable, strong and not constraining movements things. Now a woman in trousers had not convicted anyone.

Appearance of business style in clothes

Somewhat later, business style clothes appeared for girls and women. Fashion designers drew their inspiration from the traditional male costume.

Business style features

Currently, three directions of this style are distinguished. They are equally popular with a business lady. These outfits perfectly emphasize the femininity of their owners.

Strictly business style clothes

women's business clothing style

His basic elements are trouser suitor a skirt with a jacket, a white shirt or blouse, black boat shoes on a not very high heel. Such an outfit will be quite appropriate for an interview at the time of hiring and is rightfully considered a classic of office suit.

Women's business style clothes for every day

This variety allows some "liberties". For example, it can be a mixture of colors, unusual styles, complementing the costume with some accessories (not too bright and ornate)

"Friday" style of business suit

This style is known even in the offices of very solidcompanies with a strict dress code. On Friday, work is allowed to wear jeans with a jacket or a cardigan or a feminine knitted dress. But this is only permissible if there are no talks and business meetings scheduled for this day.

strictly business style of clothes
Business style clothing for girls for office

The main advice - choose the most simple thingsbreed. The length of the skirt should be up to the middle of the knee or slightly lower. The silhouette of it should be straight or slightly narrowed. Pants choose straight. Overstated or understated waist in business style is not recommended. The jacket must be of medium length. The ideal shape of a dress for an office is a case.

Color spectrum

Classic "office" colors are gray, black, blue and brown. In the warm season, you can use beige, white or caramel shade.

Figure (if any) should also be simple - no bright and inviting patterns, colors. A strip or cage is the ideal solution for a business style.

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