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Where to buy a swimsuit in Moscow: addresses of shops

Each summer season bears new trendsin clothes and, of course, in bathing suits. Before the girls there is a difficult task: to pick up a thing that advantageously emphasizes the figure, but it does not go beyond the scope of fashion trends. For residents of the capital, the purchase of an actual costume is particularly acute, because they live in the center of fashion trends throughout the country. Where to buy a swimsuit in Moscow, so it was modern and quality?

Company stores

where to buy swimsuit in moscow


The brand specializes in the production of lingerieand bathing suites. Many women prefer this particular company, since the materials for sewing are always of high quality, the execution itself does not cause censures, and the collections meet all fashionable requests. Each girl will find for herself in the line exactly the silhouette that will fit perfectly in the figure and hide the small flaws. Where in Moscow you can buy swimsuits of this brand?


  1. ul. Academician Korolev, 22;
  2. pl. Kievskoy Vokzal, 2;
  3. Vernadsky prospect, 6.


The Belarusian brand, chosen by women, who love comfort, sophistication and high quality.

The latest bathing collections are named: "The effect of seduction", "The breath of wandering", "Flicker", "Warrior" and more than 10 rulers, models in which exactly like romantic people, and creative, and sporting, and conservative.

Where in Moscow buy a swimsuit MilaVitsa? Addresses are as follows:

  1. trans. Friendly, 4;
  2. ul. Bauman, 33/2;
  3. ul. Bolshaya Semenovskaya, 16.


Mass-market shops provide a hugea range of clothes for all occasions, and swimwear are no exception. Bathing suites of these stores are branded, but they are much lower than in the company's underwear store, which is why Muscovites often choose models of swimsuits in them.


On the beach you want to feel like a queen, andswimwear Zara in this will help: beautiful ruffles and frills, bright prints, cutouts on the sides - the latest fashion trends are taken into account in the collection. There will be bathing suits for both men and children.

Addresses of central stores in Moscow:

  1. Manezhnaya Square, 1;
  2. pl. Kievskoy Vokzal, 2;
  3. w. Enthusiasts, 12, Kor. 2.

where you can buy swimwear in Moscow

H & M

Women who love the simplicity of the silhouette andrestraint in the decor, no need to doubt where to buy a swimsuit in Moscow. You have to go straight to H & M. Piece or split, monochrome or with a print - in any case, the bathing suit will not be flashy, but on the contrary, through the simplicity of lines and design will emphasize the advantages of the hostess.

Location of popular brand stores:

  1. ul. Tverskaya, 16;
  2. Sheremetyevskaya, 6/1;
  3. ul. Ground shaft, 33.

Cheap shops

Where to buy an inexpensive swimsuit in Moscow, but withDoes not this look like a lady from the last century? To help come more acceptable for a wide range of stores, which at the same time take into account the fashion trends and do not beat the wallet.


A huge assortment, collected from differentmanufacturers, will not leave indifferent as young visitors, and wise by experience. A wide dimensional grid allows you to leave with the purchase of both slimmer and more impressive ladies. At the same time, the store's pricing policy pleasantly surprises customers.

Location of Familia chain stores:

  1. Dubininskaya, 70;
  2. ul. Avtozavodskaya, 18;
  3. Olympic Avenue, 16, p. 1.

where to buy an inexpensive swimsuit in Moscow

Gloria Jeans

Where in Moscow to buy a swimsuit dream, which is notfades after a summer holiday, many young beauties know - in Gloria Jeans. The assortment is designed for a young audience, breathing thirst for adventure and bright colors. Prints in all collections are juicy and mischievous, with a fruit or geometric theme, while you can choose the shape of a leotard to your liking.

Addresses of shops in the center of Moscow:

  1. Khoroshevskoe highway, 33/1;
  2. Izmailovo shosse, 71A;
  3. Kutuzovsky prospect, 57.

The listed shops are only a small partfrom the points of sales of stylish and fashionable bathing suits available in Moscow for excellent rest, but nevertheless, they are in demand for a large number of women of any age and complexion.

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