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Weaving chains of gold: types, description, photo

You do not need to be a jeweler to understand whichfrenzied popularity and great demand for such kinds of jewelry, like bracelets and chains. Especially the similar agiotage is shown in the summer months. In the warm season, people bare their necks and arms. In such cases, gold jewelry looks very impressive.

Weaving of chains and bracelets began inof antiquity. They were worn not only on the neck and arms, but also worn on their feet. Weaving chains of gold is hard work, and jewelry made of precious metals symbolized prosperity, power and power in ancient times. In the modern world, jewelry can emphasize not only the security of the owner, but also his unique style.

chain weaving

What can be the weaving of chains? Types, photos of various models are presented below.

Despite the high cost, very few people will be able to deny themselves the pleasure of owning at least one jewelry. The desire for beauty sometimes makes people spend a lot of money on such things.

Gold chains: weaving, photo models

Varieties of weaving jewelryenough. This diversity allows anyone to choose the most suitable option for themselves. Earlier weaving gold chains was a matter of exclusively manual work. Modern technologies have put this process on automation.

weaving of gold chains

Today, jewelry can be manufactured both manually and by machine. The latter makes it possible to diversify the "pattern" of the chain or bracelet, and also make luxuries lighter in weight.

weaving chains kinds of photos

Of course, manual weaving chains will be appreciated much more. But jewelry made with the help of industrial machines, are affordable jewelry: their price is much lower.

golden chain of women's netting

Thus, the price of jewelry canvary from the type of their weaving. For example, the golden female chain, whose weaving is called "Bismarck", will be an order of magnitude more expensive than the chain of machine assembly "anchor" weaving.

Chain Weaving Photo

Ornaments that seem thin, airy, are made for lovers of elegant items. Those who like massive chains and bracelets, too, have a lot to choose from.

weaving chains kinds of photos

What is a chain and a bracelet?

The chain today is one of the mostcommon jewelry. It can be worn by men, women, and even children. The chain can act as an addition to the suspension or pendant, and as an independent decoration.

The bracelet, in turn, is the same chain, only shorter. It can be made in the same plaiting techniques as the neck decoration.

What are the golden chains? Weave, photo

Gold chains are woven by variousways, however, among this diversity, we can distinguish a number of traditional options that have common characteristics and make it possible to obtain similar in appearance decorations. Such diversity allows a person to create his own unique style, which will be harmoniously combined with his financial capabilities and personal preferences. Each way of creating a bracelet or chain has its own name, which has been formed for centuries in the jewelry business of masters. So, weaving gold chains: the main ways of creating jewelry.

The chain "kaiser" ("cardinal", "bismarck")

One of the most complex technologies of weaving, butand one of the most common, is the "bismarck" technology, which is often called "cardinal" or "kaiser". Weaving chains in this way allows you to get unique exclusive tracks of gold, silver or other metal, which consist of two or more rows.

The chain "bismarck" is a respectable andA massive jewelry that is characterized by high strength. The reliability of joints allows it to withstand heavy loads. Weaving chains on technology "Kaiser" - a way of making a classic decoration for the beautiful half of humanity, and for the strong.

Jewelry woven in this way is the leading among such jewelry, as they are considered to be the most stylish and attractive.

Anchor braiding of bracelets and chains

The technology of anchoring is not less thana common way of making jewelry. The gold chain made in this technique is a chain connected in series. They are polished and connected by the principle of a real anchor chain.

In other words, odd links are located in oneplane, and even, in turn, in another. Golden anchor chains of delightful beauty and amazing strength won the love of a strong half of humanity.

What are the advantages of this weaving? First of all, this is a simple care for the jewelry, as well as its high strength. In addition, this decoration is easy to manufacture, and the configuration of the links is the best characteristic for wearing a chain with a medallion or a cross.

golden chains of weaving photo

Brilliant, or ribbon weaving of chains and bracelets

Like the two previous manufacturing techniquesjewelry, ribbon weaving is very popular. Elements of a chain or a bracelet, reliably connected, are located in one plane. That is, the ribbon weave allows you to get a flat, polished product on both sides, which is comfortable to wear on your arm or neck. The undoubted advantage is that it will not turn out or twist.

The technology of armor plaiting has won special love among men, as it allows to produce massive and powerful gold ornaments that are characterized by high strength.

As for the shape and size of the elements themselvesproducts, they can be the most diverse, which will allow any representative of the strong half of humanity to choose for themselves the optimal look of this jewelry.

Weaving of the chain according to the "nona" ("figaro") technology

One of the many varieties of technologyarmor plaiting. This method of weaving gold chains and bracelets is considered to be one of the most unusual and interesting. The finished jewelry, woven in this technique, has a concise design that allows you to carry the chain as a separate decoration or together with a cross.

Golden chains by weaving "python" ("Italian")

At its core, this kind of weaving is moreThe complicated variant of weaving "bismarck". However, this technology has its advantages. For example, gold chains such as "python" look more feminine and exclusive due to a kind of flicker when moving.

Weaving the chain "cobra" ("snake")

Jewelry woven by technology"cobra", perfectly complement the business style of clothes of both beautiful and strong half of humanity. Gold chains, made in this way, create the impression of continuity and integrity. They have clear contours of joining the decoration elements.

Chains like "rope" ("flagellum")

This technology of weaving allows us to createa special kind of jewelry. Chains woven this way, differ in the density of the connection of small components, as if knocked into one thick rope. The technology of weaving "flagellum" is the creation of universal ornaments that can be combined with various medallions, pendants and crosses, and be worn separately.

Weaving the chains "fox tail"

Women have one of the most preferred technologiesWeaving gold jewelry is a "fox tail". She won the love of the beautiful half of humanity not only with her openwork appeal, but also with delightful overflows during the movement. The "fox tail", along with the weaving "rope", is ranked in the group of armor plaits.

Technique of weaving "pharaoh"

What are the advantages of this kind of weaving? The technology of weaving the chain "Pharaoh" allows jewelers to create one of the most durable and reliable types of connections. These ornaments are characterized by high strength due to the abrasion resistance of the links.

Gold chains, made in this technology, are suitable for both women and men. Due to the rich pattern, these decorations can be worn separately or combined with a variety of pendants.

Weaving chains "rhombus"

Technology of weaving "rhombus" allows you to creategold chains with links of a diamond-shaped shape that are located inside each other. These jewelry are considered universal. They are suitable for any age and gender.

You can get a wonderful volumetric pattern thanks to the specific technology of weaving the golden chain "rhombus". In this case, the decoration components themselves can be either single, double or triple.

Because of the classical way of connecting the elements of the chain of this technology weaving is always in demand.

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