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Golden rings - women's jewelry with a centuries-old history

Gold rings - women's jewelry, fashion onwhich is estimated for millennia. Centuries pass, but on the thin fingers of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity expensive and elegant precious metal jewelry still flaunts. And this is not an exaggeration: female gold rings appeared even in the days of Ancient Egypt - at first they were worn only by pharaohs and members of their family as a symbol of power, moreover, massive ornaments were used as a seal when writing messages. And later gold rings began to decorate the hands of wealthy Egyptians, but less wealthy women had to be content with products made of silver and bronze, and sometimes glass and clay.

In the Roman Empire was also a kind of fashion ongold rings - female variants of this product indicated that this resident already belongs to someone. It was not an engagement ring in the modern sense of the word, but rather a kind of "master" tag that warned all men that the Romans were not free and under the protection of their master. At the same time, the decoration was not simply put on the finger, it was also squeezed with additional forceps so that it could not be removed. It is interesting that the tradition of giving rings to a betrothal appeared precisely in Ancient Rome. True, the groom gave the decoration not to the girl, but to her parents - a simple metal ring as a sign that he is making a commitment to marry and support his chosen one.

Gold rings for women
Oriental men were extremely pleased with howRoman citizens use gold rings. Women's jewelry in the eastern countries began to be made with a complex secret - to remove the jewelry from the finger could only be a sophisticated way, having made 5-10 certain movements. If the decoration tried to be removed in a different way, it simply crumbled into its component parts, and women who lost this peculiar "loyalty belt" were accused of treason.

In Ancient Russia there was a reason for decoratingthemselves and loved ones with jewelry - to protect them from evil eye, spoilage, death and other misfortunes, Rusich wore patterned gold rings. Women's variants of this amulet were intended most often not for the hands, but for decorating the headdresses in the field of the temple. According to the patterns on these items, it was possible to determine to which tribe a woman belongs, up to the 7th century. Later traditions were mixed, and the temple rings began to be worn solely for beauty.

Rings of gold for women
Currently, the rings are golden femaleornaments, which most often men give their chosen women for betrothal as a symbol of love and loyalty. Traditionally, wedding rings should be without stones and incisions, but this rule is not observed today. In addition, these jewelry are used as accessories in addition to the general appearance. At the same time today it is customary to experiment with ornaments - you can wear one catchy and massive ring or several on each finger, or confine yourself to two or three elegant items.
Women's gold rings
The main thing is if the jewelry is chosen with a taste and is suitable for a lady, it will emphasize the style and beauty of her mistress.

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