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Comfortable and stylish camouflage shorts

Shorts are a practical and convenient thing in hot time. There are many varieties of shorts: classic denim shorts, strict corduroy, sports from cotton, military and others.

camouflage shorts

Continuous diversity

There are such varieties of shorts in stylemilitary: monochrome military, camouflage shorts and others. The only great difference between camouflage shorts and others is the large number of pockets on them. And also, in addition, they are made of durable fabric and have an interesting design. This kind of shorts are well combined with any one-color T-shirt or T-shirt. Having such coloring and fabric structure, these shorts are wear-resistant and retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Military Fashion

Now camouflage shorts are popular both among the male population, and among women. They are, rather, a stylish detail of a certain image, rather than a thing in which a person is simply comfortable.

shorts for men's camouflage

Inexhaustible urgency

Men's camouflage shorts are always in fashion. They can be worn on nature, on fishing, on picnics and on shish kebabs, to meet friends in the city and at the dacha. Such shorts are necessary on a trip or in a hike. Since they have many pockets, it allows you to store conveniently all the valuable and necessary things that will always be at your fingertips. Also, models of such shorts are worn everyday as everyday clothes, only changing shirts and T-shirts.

Choose something of your own

There are several varieties of camouflageshorts for men. They can have a length above the knee, to the knee and below the knee. The most popular is the length to the knee, since it is the most practical. As it was said above, the fabric for their manufacture is taken the most different. And originally, camouflage shorts were made for employees and military in the United States. And the fabric for their manufacture took only the strongest. Domestic servicemen and military men only recently felt the charm of wearing this practical and indispensable clothing. And even after leaving military institutions, the guys continue to wear them in everyday life.

camouflage shorts for women

Women can also look stylish

Camouflage shorts for women also usegreat popularity is not the first year. There is a huge amount of shorts of different lengths and for different occasions of life. Camouflage shorts for women can be divided according to their length on short, to the knee and below the knee. Short shorts can be worn for a variety of shoes, ranging from simple vatnamokom and ending with a hairpin. T-shirts and T-shirts for such shorts are best worn monophonic or the color that is present on the shorts themselves.

Universal length

To shorts to the knee, if they have freecut, it is best to wear comfortable shoes: sneakers, sneakers, moccasins, slaps. And if the shorts are made of tight-fitting fabric, and pockets are not very prominent, then you can put on shoes with a heel or platform. Shorts below the knee are rarely found and worn mostly with comfortable shoes on a low platform. A large number of pockets on them allows you to store your values: keys, phone, money and so on.


Camouflage shorts are popular and comfortablein wearing. A lot of pockets on them relieve you of the need to carry an extra bag with you. They are indispensable in summer weather. Without such shorts there will not be a single trip to the mountains or a trip to the sea.

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