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Oysho: stores in Moscow. Assortment, brand history

Soft home clothes and comfortable underwear infully give the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of security and coziness. Buyers do not spare money for such things, since they are an important part of the wardrobe. For this purpose, it is worth to visit Oysho - shops in Moscow. There is a chic assortment of soft knitwear and underwear.

oysho stores in moscow

Brand History

A brand of Spanish origin is part of Inditex Group (the companies belong to Zara,Bershka, Pull Bear) and shares the trend philosophy of the project. It was established in 2001. Today it is the youngest brand of the concern. Despite the recent appearance, the right development policy and marketing moves played a decisive role: the network quickly and firmly occupied a niche in the market. It brings good profits.

Oysho - shops in Moscow with attractive andqualitative models, as well as at all representatives of trade, being under protection of Inditex Group. In the capital, the network appeared in 2008. To date, there are 649 outlets located in 82 countries.

oysho addresses of stores in Moscow

Assortment of collections

Oysho - stores in Moscow, main customerswhich are women and girls. Specialization of establishments - sale of underwear and home clothes. The range includes: panties, gowns, home T-shirts and tops, sweatshirts, shorts, soft pants, accessories and other related products. Along with the lacy, sophisticated sets, you can find incredibly cozy plush pajamas. In addition, there is a limited collection of sportswear, beach fashion items, as well as shoes. The main directions of development:

  • Underwear. Various models are presented: from amusing to sexual options.
  • Corsets. Outrageous models are located in the neighborhood with modest and restrained.
  • Clothes for home stay. These are pretty models, in which you can even go out without a hint of untidiness.
  • Accessories. Are offered for addition of an image: it is ornaments, hairpins, socks, beads, bags for storage of cosmetics.
  • Footwear. Oysho - stores in Moscow that offer comfortable ballet shoes and slippers for the home.

oysho addresses of stores in Moscow

Product Quality

Brand products are made fromhigh-tech natural and synthetic materials of decent quality. A flawless cut and a great design allow customers to keep things in their original state for a long time. A group of designers develops individual collections for girls and women. Oysho - shops in Moscow for those who want to look perfect in the home style.

oysho stores in moscow


Oysho sets affordable prices for the averageclass residents. Regularly there are sales. For today in the capital of Russia there are 19 points of Oysho. Addresses of shops in Moscow are as follows:

  • TC "Prince Plaza", st. Profsoyuznaya, 129A.
  • Shop "Golden Babylon", Mira Avenue, 211.
  • Complex "Troika", st. Upper Krasnoselskaya, 3A.
  • Shopping center "Megapolis", Andropov Avenue, 8, etc.

As you can see, shops are located in different parts of the city, which provides convenience of purchase.

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