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Mini shorts - clothes for those who have slim beautiful legs

Shorts are a kind of shortened clothesfor legs. To date, a large number of different models are represented on the modern market. Mini shorts can serve as sports or beachwear. In addition, they can be an excellent option for simple walks around the city or in the park. These models are the most erotic and provocative.

Mini Shorts

Huge popularity

Women who want to demonstrate to othershis tight-fitting figure, with pleasure get mini-shorts. For many summer seasons in a row they are in great demand. Strongly overstated cutting is an opportunity not only to emphasize your achievements in the gym. It is also stylish and attractive, so it will definitely draw the attention of others to the unconventional taste of their owner and the entire fashion image.

Women's models have many advantages. Firstly, it will not be hot to you exactly. Secondly, you can emphasize your slender beautiful legs and thighs. Thirdly, you will bring in your stylish image a touch of boldness and determination. After all, not every girl allows herself short styles.

mini shorts for women

Jeans, leather, sports

In the summer editions of fashion magazines you are sure tocan find mini-shorts for women. Photos of denim models depict most often. Naturally, because this material does not lose its popularity. Choosing the most unusual options allows each girl to find exactly what she needs. This trend is complemented by designers torn and rubbed elements, the transition of color, fringe. In addition, denim is offered not only in standard colors, but also in very bright solutions.

Another great option is leatherMini Shorts. These models are considered the most sexual. Fashion women usually choose black shorts. Although the designers offer both deep colors and bright shades. Often complemented by leather shorts with various elements of stylish decor. The most relevant metal spikes, rivets, buttons, etc. Short shorts were originally, incidentally, were presented in sports collections. Today such models of their popularity have not lost. They are ideal for training in gyms or jogging in the fresh air.

mini shorts

City Chic

In a word, beautifully emphasize the beautytanned and slender legs will help you mini denim shorts. Photos of models on city streets, out-of-town exits, beaches perfectly prove the relevance of this wardrobe item. In sunny weather, the image will be just perfect.

And if a few years ago a girl walking bycity ​​in shorts, surprised passers-by, today such a model is an obligatory thing in the wardrobe of every fashionista. In combination with a dark shirt or a coarse leather jacket, the outfit is simply gorgeous. Lightness and romance, intertwined with assertiveness and fate, represent a chic game of contrasts. Ideally, the ensemble can be complemented by a large bag or clutch, laconic sandals or sandals made in the Greek style.

 mini shorts jeans photo

Simple rules

And it's important to remember one more thing about howcorrectly wear mini shorts for women. Photos in magazines explain the creation of ideal images in order to avoid getting trapped. Most importantly, do not forget that such models must be combined with a very elegant top. That is, it should be a modest neckline, loose cut and flowing material. With this axiom you can not argue. Of course, exceptions are in all rules. However, still try to remember that mini-shorts will best look with the top closing your décolleté zone, albeit the most luxurious one.

The sleeves should also extend to the elbow or at leastto the middle of the shoulder. With a T-shirt on thin straps to wear this outfit can only be somewhere in the seaside resorts or at the country cottage. In other cases, mini-shorts are combined only with an elegant top - with a classic shirt, free top with a neckline "boat" of flowing fabric. In a word, nothing super-tight.

What else should I wear?

Mini shorts are one of the sexiest things inwardrobe of a woman. Their length can be extreme. What can not be said about the skirt. Stay an example of elegance in this thing you can, combining a little volume and dark colors. Over short shorts, you should wear a soft cardigan or loose pullover. You can add an elongated jacket and scarf. The best assistant in this matter is a black color. He will be able to make an image very elegant, stylish and memorable.

Heels fit in the event that the top is put ona thing that covers the shorts behind, and opens from the front. For example, trench. Well, a flat move is just a win-win option that softens your image. In a word, you will always look great in any case. Be sure that others will appreciate your image.

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